Things that make me go: HMMMMMM...


Since last night's massacre, I keep receiving texts and calls from relatives and friends who are all basically saying the same thing: "I hope Rob Ryan keeps his mouth shut the next time,"..."Rob Ryan is no better than Wade Phillips,"..."Please tell Rob Ryan this is not Cleveland,"..."Please send Rob back to his father and brother,"....blah, blah, blah.

I think it's the amount of vitriol directed 100% at Ryan's bulletin board comments, schemes, and play-calling...and not a single mention of the possibility of any other factor  in the Boy's overall demise that makes me continuously go: hmmmmmm.

Despite my diminished state of thinking logically today after such tremendous dissappointment, I want to provide a series of thoughts/questions that are stuck on my mind as I continue listening or reading all of the Rob Ryan-bashing. Of course, many will no doubt respond to some of these with their stats, opinions, emotionally charged rants, and just possibly some similar thoughts. Who knows? But I'm simply being honest about what is currently on my mind that's making me go: hmmmmm.

So at the expense of being almost in a survey format, this is what's up:

  • Leading up to last night's game, would you say Rob Ryan has called good defensive games overall?
  • Would you say that the Boys' chances of being 6-0 until last night were more so a result of Jason Garrett's offense or Rob Ryan's defense?
  • If you were to specifcally blame the main causes of the losses until last night, would you point more to the defense, offense, or special teams?
  • Given that all games are technically a "team win" or a "team loss," do you believe that despite the obvious terrible play of the defense, that the offense can shoulder any responsibility for not helping its defense last night?  
  • If you believe that the offense can take some blame, do you believe that some of the play-calling and inability to adjust to Philly's defensive strategy were things that caught you by surprise?
  • If you were surprised about the offense's lack of production, do you believe that any of your concerns have been symptomatic problems over the first 6 games...or perhaps last several years? Or do you believe, much like the defense's performance, this was simply one of those games where we just got flat out-coached--but nothing seems to be systemic?
  • After watching the press conferences of our head coach and D-Cord, which one do you believe actually feels he had a great game plan but that his team just didn't "execute" well?
  • Who deserves a possible mulligan for their side of ball last night and instills more faith in you for the rest of the season? Garrett? Ryan?
  • Which coaches seem typically to get the most production from it's stars from game to game...not withstanding last night?
  • Again heading into last night, since fans have been hearing the familiar refrain from the start of the season: 'we'll watch the film and learn and will get better," did you feel the offense or defense had been making the most strides based on film study?
  • When you think about the plays (or lack thereof) that drove you the most crazy either on defense or offense last night, which do you think you'd likely see more often for the remainder of the year? The D continuously being gashed for the run? The D's soft middle of the field in coverage? The D not being able to get off the field? Brooking's and James' play? The 3-5 yard passes to Witten? Inconsistency of the offensive line? Going to Marty-B in that fashion? Not being able to get the ball to Dez and Miles? Red-Zone woes?
  • To make the playoffs, do you believe it will be necessary for the offense or defense to step up more consistently based on this year's performances to date.

I look forward to hearing from the nation.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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