The Remaining Schedule: Can The Cowboys Pull It Together?



Sitting at 3-4 you have to start looking down the road at the remaining schedule. Right now after a tough loss we are in the crossroads of our season. If this team can bounce back and unite, we could get on a roll because the schedule favors us. The Giants schedule is insanely hard and face some great teams. Their easy part of the schedule is over. The Eagles have a fairly easy schedule in my opinion and appear to be on the road back to redemption. The Redskins don't matter to me at all, they are not a playoff team.

For the time being, let's focus on our schedule and take a rundown of the remaining games.

Seattle- W

Time to rebound from last week and get our act together. At least we get a home game against a Seattle team that isn't anywhere near our level. I expect a big time game from Romo and the wide receivers. DeMaro Murray may have a big game even though Seattle is one of the better run defenses in the league.

This is a game I believe we will win. So now we are 4-4 and back to 500. This is why our season is far from over and the NFC East is going to be a battle to the end.

Buffalo- W

This could be a really tough game for us to win because people sleep on Buffalo. Buffalo is a much improved team that is no longer the laughing stock of the AFC East. They have a legit defense and a good offense. I just think we are the better football team and we have the better coaching. It could be a hard fought game, but in the end I see us victorious.

Now we are 5-4 and are starting to piece together a win streak.

@Washington- W

After two straight home wins we go on the road to Washington and take on a bitter division rival. I expect a grind it out type of football game, but this is a game we win because we are the superior team. The Redskins now have John Beck as their QB and are beat up at running back. They have lost Santana Moss, their best wide receiver for a significant amount of time. Our stout defense and new found running attack should win us this game.

Our first winning streak of the season takes place and we are now 6-4.

Miami- W

We come home on Thanksgiving to take on the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins gave the Giants a scare yesterday but once again we are the better football team. I see Romo having a huge game and Murray getting at least 100 yards on the ground. I don't know who will be getting turkey legs but I am confident we win this game.

The Cowboys now have 4 straight wins and look like a playoff team again at 7-4.

@Arizona- W

We are due for a big win in Arizona, the last two visits there have been really frustrating. Last year on Christmas we lost during the last few seconds of the game. This year the outcome will be different. Our defense will beat up on Kevin Kolb and we will have a great offensive game there. Our offense should be peaking at this point and I will expect big games from Romo and company. We should win this game and it won't be a nail biter either.

NFL Network and ESPN will begin Cowboys coverage again since we just won 5 straight games and sit at 8-4.

New York- L

The Giants always come to Cowboys stadium and play extremely well. Due to their recent history on our home turf and our recent win streak, I see this game being a loss for the Cowboys. It's not the end of the world but we do drop to 8-5. 

@Tampa Bay- W

After a tough loss to the Giants at home, the Cowboys regroup on the road at Tampa Bay. Tampa is a young talented team but I feel like our defense matches up well with them. Our offense may have trouble running the ball against them, but I think Romo can eat up their Tampa 2 zone. This game may be closer than some will expect, but I see us victorious in the end.

The Cowboys get back on track and get to 9-5.

Philly- W

The Eagles destroyed us last night and ever since that game ended I have been looking forward to the rematch. I believe the Cowboys will show up this time, on their home turf and have a huge game. I see Murray actually getting to run the ball this team because we won't be down three scores or anything like that. Romo will bounce back against the Eagles and hit his wide receivers in stride all night. Jason Witten will have a huge game.

This is a huge win for the Cowboys as they get to 10-5

@New York- W

With the playoffs on the line, the Cowboys enter the Giants game with a 10-5 record. Obviously I won't know what the circumstances are and I don't know what it will take to get into the playoffs. I do believe the Cowboys will win this game, I just see us going into New York actually pumped up about the playoffs and I see a hard fought game against a division rival. Romo lights it up in New York, so I think Romo will have a huge game and lead us to a big win.


Now the Cowboys are 11-5 and have made the playoffs. When I made a prediction for each of these games I truly meant it. I think the Cowboys can get on a role and a winning streak like that will do a lot in keeping this team hungry and motivated.

The Cowboys don't look like a playoff team right now but that doesn't mean we should give up on them, I am not giving up yet. There is too much talent and good coaching here to just flat out stink the rest of the season. I believe this can be done, but they must start playing more consistent and get on a winning streak. Racking up wins boost moral and gets guys going. When are guys are playing confident, they take their game to the next level.

I was negative earlier today in a post but that was a rant I needed to get off my chest. This is a post I believe in, I believe we can still get things going again. It's going to take hard work but this team can do it. I believe in them and I know Garrett and Ryan are better than what they were last night. Romo is better than that too. The offensive line is a concern but I am just going to be optimistic they get their act together.

Let's stay positive for now and embrace the schedule ahead of us. We can still do this guys and girls, it can be done.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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