Questioning Tony Romo


Is Romo A Choker?

My answer to that is no. He's made some terrible decisions as of late, but more often that not he has made more good plays than bad, and he has 12 career come from behind victories in his belt. He also hasn't had a QB rating of below 90 every year he's been a starter. But stats don't matter. Which is an argument that I honestly find ridiculous. Who gives a team the better chance to win? A QB with a 50% rating or a QB with one above 90? I'd take the above 90 one. The only reason to take a quarterback with a 60 percent passer rating is if you have a shutdown defense, which Romo has never had. So does he choke every now and then? Absolutely. But so does every QB in the league. Is there a QB who hasn't choked a game away or thrown pick sixes? The bottom line is, in the NFL there is no perfect, clutch, non pick throwing QB. He doesn't exist. So I'll live with my talented, mistake prone gunslinger rather than a timid dump off guy.

Is Romo Clutch?

Absolutely. Just not 100 percent of the time. And who can blame him? In my opinion every QB is clutch at some point(Except for the starting QB's for the 0-16 Lions..). Some just have won more games than others. Let's put this into perspective here. Is Andy Dalton clutch? He lead the Bengals to a come from behind win over the Bills on sunday so he must be pretty clutch right? Yes, he was. For that game. Was Tom Brady clutch against Buffalo two weeks ago? No. But he gets a pass, and Romo gets crucified for every mistake he makes. I don't care if he doesn't have a ring or not. This selective treatment is total BS. And why is Matt Ryan called Matty Ice? He is the complete opposite of clutch. He is 0-2 in the playoffs, and he seems to fold under pressure more than Romo does. But the bottom line is until he wins the big one he will always be labeled as a non clutch, choke artist.  Which is something I would rather hear than he is the next Ryan Leaf.  Because if he was a truly choking terrible QB we wouldn't even be talking about him because we would too be embarrassed.

Is he Elite?

Yes. I believe he is. Anybody who thinks otherwise is looking past the facts. He wins more games than he loses. He currently has a 41-22 as a starter, has thrown for a record amount of yards, his completion percentage is one of the best in the league, and he has consistently thrown more TD's than INTs every year he's been a starter. And throw in the fact that when he's been healthy he has helped the team win a division title is pretty impressive. Sure he's no Tom Brady, or Aaron Rodgers. But he has the stats, and the talent to be known as elite in my mind. And anyone who ranks Matt Ryan, Josh Freeman, Cam Newton, or Matthew Stafford above him is crazy. None of them have won anything yet either.

Can we trust him?

This one is kinda getting fuzzy. I want to trust him, but after the debacle against Detroit, I don't want to anymore. He's going to have to earn my trust back, and trust me that is not an easy thing to do. If we are to succeed this season and make a deep playoff run, I have to see more from my starting QB than helping lose games we should win.


Can he turn it out around?

Yes. I believe he can. He's been fighting through a broken rib for three weeks, dealing with a banged up offensive line, and the absence of his No 1. receiver in Miles Austin. It's a tough task to beat New England at home, but with a bye week to prepare for New England and get healthy I think he can have a big game. It all depends on the gameplan of course. Jason Garrett needs to rein him in a bit, and rely on the running game a bit more. Especially with a big lead. And if Dez and Miles are 100 percent healthy and on the same page with Romo for the rest of the season they'll send tons of secondaries to the burn unit. I also think that with these extra couple of weeks Romo's ribs will heal and he'll be able to make better, and more accurate throws without compensating for the bulk of the kevlar around his waist.

Can he win a Super Bowl?

Maybe. The only reason why I say that is that winning a Super Bowl is tough sledding. A lot of things have to come into place. It's not only the QB that takes a team there. If it was why did Doug Williams and Mark Rypien fall of the face of the earth after winning one? Trent Dilfer sure isn't an all pro QB. It takes a team effort. Everything has to click into place. You need a top 10 defense, a powerful high scoring offense, great special teams, superb head coaching and a lot of luck. And that's just to make it there. You have to execute a perfect game plan to win, and take a few risks. Can Tony Romo help us make it to a Super Bowl and win it? Absolutely. But he needs a lot of help first.

And last but not least...

Can he silence his critics?

Yes. He can. But he has to win a Super Bowl to do it, and I think the window is starting to close for this team. Either he wins one this year, or at the most in two years or his career is bundled up with Danny White. And even if he does win a Super Bowl, he'll still have his critics. Haters love to hate. And until he proves his detractors wrong he's going to be roasted over an open fire every sunday. That's what you get for being the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. It's a high profile job. You either win and look great doing it, or you stink up the place. Right now he is looking great when he loses(5TDs, BIG Leads) and pedestrian at best. Right now I would gladly take pedestrian over gaudy numbers and a big L any day. So I hope this Lions loss has built an even bigger chip on Tony's shoulder. Go kick some ass Tony and prove these talking heads wrong once and for all. PLEASE?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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