KD's 10-for-10 - Week #4 Update

I am still feeling as if I had been kicked in the stomach after the way the Cowboys game ended on Sunday, as are most of you. A handful of you - fifteen of the eighty-six entries this week - picked Detroit to win, the second largest number so far to pick against the Cowboys. In week #1, twenty-eight out of eighty-one picked the Jets. In week #2 - unanimous - all Cowboys, no 49ers. In week #3, there were three who picked the Redskins.

No one got 10-for-10 this week, but there were five who got 9-for-10. None of the misses were Dallas. All five picked the Lions. One of the misses was a pick for the Bills, two were picks for the Eagles, and the other two were picks for the Vikings.

Congratulations to Englishneil, who has been in a tie for the overall lead each week this season.

After the jump, see who was tied with him; see who the top pickers were for week #4; and, see the breakdown of each game.

First, I need to give a shout-out to One.Cool.Customer. After my totally failed attempt to make tables, he sent me a file that had all of the HTML conversions embedded. I enter data in one cell, and it is automatically converted to HTML. I don't know how long it took him to do it, but it saved me a good two hours this afternoon. Thanks, O.C.C.

This week, I only scored eighty-six entries. Two of those got edited, and two additional entries got tossed. Maybe it was the hangover (short week) from the Monday night game, but more participated last week than this week.

Week Submitted Skipped Total
1 81 0 81
2 86 26 112
3 96 30 126
4 86 43 129

Last week, I said this:

This week, three of you did not include the Cowboys game. One was a first-time player, but the other two had played one/both weeks before and should have known better. According to KD's rules, I was to toss out those entries, giving them zero for the week and not counting the other selections.

I appealed to KD for permission to apply grace, since one was a first-time player, and he approved. So, this week, and THIS WEEK ONLY, here is how grace was applied to all three of these:

Your entries were not discarded

Only your first nine selections were scored

Your tenth selection - that was supposed to be the Cowboys game - was ignored ("wrong")

This week, the first-time player, The Penguin, did it the right way, and tied for the best score this week. He was one of the ones with nine correct. The other two, VicTor W and GunsUp, again did not include the Cowboys in their picks. Sorry, guys, you got grace last week. I replied to your posts begging you to re-submit before the deadline. This week, yours didn't get counted. Please follow the rules.

Another one of KD's rules - pick EXACTLY ten games. Three of you submitted many more - fifteen or sixteen each. I counted the first ten and ignored the final five or six. A couple of other guys wanted to prove their manhood by picking all the games. However, they first submitted the ten they wanted counted; then, as a reply, they added the supplemental picks.

I even submitted an extra "bonus" pick this week - Englishneil and I each picked a winner in last weekend's Grand Final - the championship game of Australian Rules Football. I picked Geelong and he picked Collingwood. I won; the Cats beat the Magpies.

Let me reiterate KD's rules and my application as the (volunteer) tabulator and scorer:

Copy and paste his list of games in order into a COMMENT (not a reply)

Make your selections BOLD (highlight your winner selection and click the "B" icon)

Make sure that you have included the Cowboys game (except for the bye week)

Delete the games that you are not selecting

Use the preview button to confirm your selections:

  • Cowboys game is included
  • EXACTLY ten games are selected, no more and no less
  • Non-selected games are erased (makes my life easier when I am tabulating)

After you post, please return to the page in a day or so (before Sunday games kick off); if there is a problem with your post, someone will make a reply; if you check it, then you can fix it before it is too late.

Enough housekeeping and silliness. On to the results:

Here are the top scores for this week and the top overall leaders. KD will have the complete scores in his FP story in a day or two.

Week #4 Score   Overall Score
Jason Pai 9   ChiaCrack 31
jstaubach 9   Englishneil 31
TARHEEL PAUL 9   Grady90 31
The Penguin 9   jstaubach 31
ziggy 19 9   mdlusk 31
.FRoST.USAF 8   scotscowboyfan 31
88Deztined46 8   ziggy 19 31
Becho 8   .FRoST.USAF 30
ChiaCrack 8   Allan Uy 30
cproctor6 8   BishopWest 30
demarcus94 8   illcowboy 30
Dezstroyer88 8   Jebediah Flibberbrush 30
GordBerl 8   Pnut Gallery 30
hookerhome 8   qbfannn 30
illcowboy 8   Rohpuri 30
IMHO 8   Benthere 29
Jeremiah_24 8   BigBad Joe 29
Jonathan Bradley 8   Hookem Up 29
mdlusk 8   IMHO 29
meisternance 8   InkedKing 29
Portland's Cowboy fan 8   neon greon 29
Rat-Pack 8   NJcowboysFAN 29
reron79 8   Specific 29
RespectTheStar 8   wittenfan 29
scotscowboyfan 8   Dachs 28
StarloverinWNC 8   hookerhome 28
strobman 8   KD Drummond 28
Uncas 8   Panzer84 28
WA_Cowboy 8   Rat-Pack 28
      Travlr 28
      Tuna Helper 28


Scores were not as good this week. 82% of us picked the Cowboys to win; that should have been a win for us. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The early games had three other traps as well. Heavy (and wrong) love also went out to the Eagles, Vikings, and, especially, the Bills. The Bills game was our only game this week that was unanimously wrong.

There were five unanimous winners this week: Saints, Packers, Falcons, Buccaneers, and Ravens.

Here's the table with all of this week's results:

Week #4 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
84 New Orleans JACKSONVILLE 0
82 GREEN BAY Denver 0
73 Atlanta SEATTLE 0
64 TAMPA BAY Indianapolis 0
21 BALTIMORE New York Jets 0
74 SAN DIEGO Miami 1
59 CHICAGO Carolina 5
30 New York Giants ARIZONA 5
27 New England OAKLAND 5
28 Washington ST LOUIS 7
23 HOUSTON Pittsburgh 7
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
0 CINCINNATI Buffalo 61
3 KANSAS CITY Minnesota 35
8 San Francisco PHILADELPHIA 42
15 Detroit DALLAS 71
Win Pretty Even (we're indifferent) Lose
17 Tennessee CLEVELAND 13


This week is going to be different. This is the first bye week. There are only thirteen games this week, not sixteen. So, you can only ignore three games, not the usual six.

Also, this is the Cowboys' bye week. So, this week, and THIS WEEK ONLY, there is no Cowboys game that must be selected.

Choose wisely, my friends. I'll see you next week.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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