A Much Needed Bye Week

No one can say that the Cowboys are not an exciting team to watch.  Going into this week we had 9 straight games decided by 3 points or less.  This game was not too far off with the Boys losing by 4 points.

Losing to the Lions and Jets are not problems in my book.  Those are two games that I expected to be close and go either way going into the season.  It is just the way in which the Cowboys lose and it brings back the sentiment that Tony Romo and the Cowboys cannot close games and put opponents away.  There may be some truth to this statement; however, I have seen Romo win as many if not more games than he has lost and I am not ready to give up on him just yet.

We are only 4 games into this season and sitting at 2-2, we are not in that much trouble.  Would I like to be 4-0 or 3-1? Of course, but we could also be 1-3 like the Eagles.  2-2, 1 game back in the division, with the tie breaker already over one of the teams ahead of us is not a bad place to be.  Also keep in mind that this is with a team limited because of injury, a defense (that has been extraordinary) that quickly learned a new system, and an offensive line that is playing 2 rookies (Costa is basically a 3rd) and that only practiced for a short period of time together.

Despite how bleak it looks right now and that loss hurt bad, the future is still bright.

Here are a few reasons to look forward to the rest of the season:

1) The return of Orlando Scandrick.  I for one have always been a fan of Scandrick, he plays hard and does not mind hitting people (2 great qualities for a corner).  Having Scandrick back will allow Ryan to make this defense more aggressive than it has been already. I also doubt that he would have been in bad position like Frank Walker was on that penalty in the endzone.

2) The emergence of a dominant defense.  One of our biggest concerns coming into the season was our secondary.  The pass rush has aided the secondary by pressuring the opposing QBs and giving them less time to throw, but the DBs have held their own for the most part.  We were shutting down the Lions offense until Sensabaugh was knocked out with a concussion.  Barry Church is a good player especially on special teams, but he is not the smart center fielder that Sensabaugh can be.  Ware has been his normal self, Ratliff is back to the way he played 2 years ago, Anthony Spencer is thriving in this new defense, and Sean Lee has been a monster.

3) Laurent Robinson's emergence as a 3rd WR.  I have never been a fan of Kevin Ogletree.  He just has never done it for me, I liked Sam Hurd (I do not know why) much better and was upset with his release because I thought that he would have been a much better 3rd WR than the Tree.  Dwayne Harris gave me hope during the pre-season but the coaches do not trust him yet.  Laurent Robinson earned Romo, Garrett, and Cowboy Nations trust in this game.  He is a very good route runner (except on that pick-six by Chris Houston) and has good hands.  He will add another option that Romo feels safe with coming out of the bye week and a nice 4th/5th option behind Miles, Dez, Witten and maybe Felix.  Additionally, with the health problems that Miles and Dez are having, he is able to fill in as the 2nd WR in the offense, something Ogletree cannot do.

4) Health.  We have been lucky to not suffer any season-ending or very long term injuries and the early bye week allows our players to heal and get back to 100%.  Miles, Dez, Romo, Felix, Witten, Scandrick, Newman, and Jenkins should all come out of the bye week at full strength.  Those injuries include our starting QB, RB, TE, top 2 WRs, and top 3 CBs.

5) Tyron Smith.  He has played unbelievably well for a rookie tackle in the NFL and besides that sack that he gave up against the Lions, he has looked like a stud.  Watching him dominant Von Miller in the pre-season is one of the things that sticks out in my mind.  Von Miller has quietly collected 4 sacks in 4 games and Tyron shut him down (albeit was the pre-season but still).  I believe that by next season he will be moved to LT and will be our stud left tackle of the future.  I understand that we paid Doug Free LT money but he is not upto par (at least not right now) and Tyron is a better LT prospect anyway.

There are many other reasons that I have faith in the Cowboys for the future.  This bye week also allows the team to assess the problems that have plagued it so far.  We need to find a way to establish a better rushing attack and limit the turnovers that we are committing.  I accept a few of Romo's interceptions because he is a gunslinger and for everyone of those picks, he throws a few absurd touchdowns or makes a crazy play escaping a sack.  Looking forward to seeing this team come out full force vs. the Pats.  Our passing offense should destroy their defense and I want to see what we can do against Tom Brady.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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