The fate of one Tony Romo

After scouring the internet late at night, spying the various Cowboys website's across the net, I came across comments that I found to be pretty lame. For the next two weeks until kickoff in New England, Tony Romo is going to be the most broken down player in all of sports. Everyone from Chris Berman to Deion Sanders will have their two cents and each analyst will have their own theory on Romo.

Every single website I visited had some sort of opinion on Romo and how he should play the game. Of course I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion and heck, some even get paid for their biased opinions. That is just how the world works, it will never change.

Tony Romo is a guy I ultimately truly feel bad for. This guy was destined to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, it was just in his cards. I have always been a believer in fate, sometimes it is what it is. Sometimes it is written, sometimes things are just meant to be a certain way. No matter how you try to change them, the outcome will always be the same. As a child I never understood what those words meant, fate. At the age of 27, I have seen my fair share of the world. The world is a cold and cruel place, sometimes the sunshine gets through, but for the most part life is hard.

This all comes back full circle to Tony Romo. There are only two possible outcomes in the cards for him now. One is the road where he learns from his reckless mistakes and leads this team to the promised road, a 6th Super Bowl title. The other outcome is Romo never wins a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Cold hard truth, it hurts but that is exactly how this cookie crumbles. Neo ate his cookie and changed his future, can Romo do the same?

Was Romo destined for failure?

When a team builds a football team, they usually tend to build around the centerpiece of their team. In most cases this would be your quarterback. Once Romo had established himself in Jerry Jones's heart, the Cowboys quickly began to assemble pieces to fit Romo's strengths. The Cowboys built their franchise around Tony Romo and his strengths. A veteran offensive line in their prime was built and in that prime did a decent job of keeping Romo out of harms way.

The Cowboys then went towards the playmaker they needed at running back, drafting Felix Jones. Jason Witten was already coming into his own but certainly became a Romo weapon. Terrell Owens was brought in prior to the Romo takeover, but was another down the field target for Romo. Miles Austin and his hard work paid off and succeeded Owens.

In 2010 the Cowboys were giddy when superstar Dez Bryant fell to them. Over the years if you look at the pieces Romo has had to work with, it's a pretty impressive list of talent. The defense was always an adequate unit during the Romo era and really only fell apart last season.

Romo was handed the keys to the sports car from Jerry, he had all the pieces to drive it. Romo has been the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys for 5 years now and is entering his 6th season. Romo is no greenhorn in the NFL and with these weapons at your arsenal you need to have more results. The results need to come in big games and we need to see more playoff results.

That may be a cold way to look at it, but honestly I am sick of being patient and fed BS by our owner Jerry Jones. Romo has a great regular season record, his stats are great, but he has still not performed at a level that is deemed worthy for him. So maybe after all Romo was destined to fail because his expectations are so high. Then when you play devils advocate you say he has been in the league 6 years now and has the pieces to win. The argument goes both ways and I am not sure what side is right.

I honestly feel bad for Tony Romo and I hated him Sunday, but a few days later I always cool down. The guy is just epic, that is the only way to describe him. If you wrote a Greek play about the career of Tony Romo, it would be a tragedy. There have been very few highlights in the man's career, for the most part his career has been a tragedy filled with despair.

At the end of the day, you play to win the game. So the theories about Romo sitting in the 4th quarter for a "closer" are ridiculous. The theory that Romo should play not to lose the game is also out there in my opinion. Yes you can tell Romo to tone it down, dial it back, but you cannot tell a NFL quarterback to go out there and play not to lose the game. If my coach told me that I would lose all confidence in myself and would play like crap. What needs to be done is straight football fundamentals 101, ball control and situational football. You need to get across the risks of playing reckless and the pro's of being conservative. You take what the defense gives to you, you learn that in Pop-Warner.

We all want Tony Romo to succeed. He is a great guy and we all know that. But this is football, it's a game about winning. If Romo cannot deliver results, maybe it's time the Cowboys explored drafting a franchise quarterback. I think the reason so many of us have become weary of starting over and getting rid of Romo is because of just how hard it is to find a franchise quarterback today. I know it scares you, heck it scares me folks, but look at Romo's career. He has endless opportunities to clean up his reckless act and show this team that "Hey, I can learn from my mistakes and I can lead this team". It must be hard to be so tragic. Seriously, the Cowboys never just loose a game. Romo never just loses a game, it's usually epic, movie style epic.

The answer is out there, the answer was determined before it was ever conceived. Fate my friends exists. We don't know how this story will end, maybe Romo has the most tragic NFL life of a quarterback in the modern era and rides off into the sunset with the monkey off his back. Maybe Romo is just a tragic character who will never see that magical trophy. Whatever the outcome may be, I know I will be along for the ride for as long as I exist on this planet. Until my soul finds the next step, I will be waiting and I will be watching.

Cowboys until the day I die, no matter the outcome of fate.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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