Quick Hits: The Latest News On The Dallas Cowboys

Let's take a stroll around the net for the latest in Cowboys headlines, shall we?

Could Sensabaugh have made a difference? | ESPN Dallas

The short article asks if Sensi, the secondary's director, could have helped defend Calvin Johnson, after helping hold him down before the concussion. Ummm, duh.

Cowboys giving out "Grab The Bat" awards after wins | DMN

Referring to Romo's forced throws that resulted in costly second-half interceptions Sunday in a loss to Detroit, a reporter asked Garrett if sometimes a player has to learn to take pitches, too.

"Absolutely, and I think everybody does," Garrett said. "That's where the juggling thing comes in, but when you swing you have to swing hard.

Buehler feels an urgency to get back on the field | Star Telegram

Bailey has had five touchbacks. He has allowed eight returns for 176 yards, a 22.0 average, with a long return of 28 yards.

Buehler has five touchbacks. He has allowed five returns for 121 yards, a 24.2 average, with a long return of 43 yards.

But he's a great last line of defense on the kickoffs! [/sarcasm]


Bruce Carter rehab takes a step | ESPN Dallas

Carter has been in the defensive and special teams meetings since training camp.

"I know definitely special teams I can play that, but I’ll probably get in some kind of sub package [on defense] and not jump into the whole thing right off the gun to work my way in," Carter said.

Scandrick says he will be ready for the Patriots | Star Telegram

"It’s frustrating, but those guys did a good job," Scandrick said. "That game [the loss to Detroit] is kind of tough to stomach, especially sitting on the sideline and watching it all unfold from a fan perspective. You can’t worry about the things that we cannot control, and the things that are in the past. I’m looking forward to coming back and being out there with the guys and contributing.

Frank Walker using preference slurs against Twitter tough guys | NBC Dallas-Ft Worth

It will be very interesting to see what head coach Jason Garrett does in response to this, not very "Cowboys Way" public opining of the recently signed cornerback.

Dallas Cowboys are Again America's Favorite Football Team | PRNewswire

And, for the fifth year in a row, the Dallas Cowboys are the favorite team of adults who follow professional football.

Yet, there are still yahoos out there that want to say that this isn't America's Team. Why let facts get in the way of the hatred, right?

Ravens add secondary depth with ex-Cowboys CB McCann | Baltimore Sun

LB Brooking: Cowboys will regroup from disaster | Amarillo Globe-News

Sack bothers rookie Tyron Smith | Star Telegram

Jerry Jones wishes Cowboys would have run the ball with lead | DMN

Jerry Jones said he does have conversations with Garrett about those kind of situations in games and he did talk to Garrett about not running the football more with a big lead.

"I've had several conversations with Jason and certainly how and what we did from about the five-minute point or 10 minutes left in the third quarter was a part of them," Jones said. "I know this. I was really pleased with how we were playing through and by that point and at no time, even after the second interception, did I think that the wheels had come off relative to what we were doing offensively."

Aaaaand... go!

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