And then there were 3. Orlando Scandrick returns

Cornerback has been a revolving door since the start of training camp. Down goes Newman followed by Jenkins. Jenkins returns down goes Scandrick. Out goes Mccan in comes Frank Walker. Returning in week 3 was Newman, and now we welcome back Orlando Scandrick. Whew.

Some BTBers may notice I have been adamant about the defense performing very well without its top 3 CBs all season. Can't say the same for a certain team supposedly with 3 pro bowl corners.

And what a week for Scandrick to return as Dallas heads into Brady land. Most likely we will see Scandrick our slot corner, matched up against New Englands slot machine Wes Welker.

Rob Ryan has 2 weeks to come up with a game plan to stop Brady. While it won't be an easy task Orlandos return will help. And Rob is the same guy whose scheme held Brady and Co in check last season with a less talented defense. Holding NE to only 14 points with Brady passing for 224 yards. While Welker accumulated only 4 catches for 36 yards.

The CBs have held up pretty well in the absences of Newman and Scandrick. Ball has had his moments with big hits and an INT but he also has been picked on plenty. While he isn't getting burnt he is also behind the ball and almost rarely in position to make a play. But let's take a detailed and statistical look at how the CBs have served in Scandricks absence.

Today the Cowboys rank 15th in the league in pass defense. Ranked #1 in the league against the run, only giving up 230 yards passing is exceptional in todays pass happy league where teams have abandoned the run against the boys. This is extremely better when looking back at how last years secondary was torched weekly.

And that's what this secondary hasnt done to date, been torched. The pass rush has certainly helped but the scheme and resurgence of Jenkins has also contributed.

***The defense has given up 7 passing TDs. 3 have come against LBs. Of the 7 only 3 have come outside of 20+ yards, again 1 being against a LB (Spencer vs 49ers). The other two 20+ yard TDs were to 6'5 WRs, one against the 5th CB Mccan the other to arguably the best WR in the game Calvin Johnson over 3 defenders.

Take all that in for a second. This secondary is actually playing quite well. Of the 7 TDs only 3 WRs have caught them. Dare I say the CB position has become a strength? Wouldn't go that far but they are playing at a high level.

This all comes back to playing without its best CBs yet. For the first time all season the #1,2, and 3 CBs on the depth chart will suit up. Scandricks return will only give Rob even more creative juices. Like it or not he is one of the better slot CBs in the league and the Cowboys best blitzing CB. Rob loves to blitz his secondary and will gladly welcome back another weapon.

What a week to return. Scandrick vs The Slot Machine Welker. Let's hope Orlando will cash in.

And then there were 3.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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