Trade Deadline Approaching

Time for the mayhem to commence.  This time of the season always gets interesting because we start seeing some movement, sometimes big moves, but mostly just smaller time players.  Always an interesting conversation though.  We will start hearing about all of the hype and everything that is going on next week after all of the games finish from week 5.  Teams must make their trades by the end of week 6.  So, what I want to do is list all of our starters and backups that might be actually worth something, no matter how unlikely the trade scenario would be and just judge what you might be able to get in return for a player.  We all know that New England is probably the best team at doing this and trading players for picks in upcoming drafts and continuously accumulating draft picks.  I see no scenario where we trade for someone, only trading players away for picks.  I will only list players though that may actually have a value.  I don’t want anyone to think that I am proposing that we trade anyone, rather just talking about value of players, hence the listing of any player with trade value.  So lets have a look…

I will list here each position group as well as the teams that may be in need of a player or that particular grouping.  once again I AM NOT PROPOSING ANY OUTLANDISH TRADES HERE!  Just merely mentioning the possibilities and the value that our team has.  Of course, things will fluctuate with demand as well as need of other teams as well as how good the player is.  However, I will list just a base value.  So here it is:

Quarterback - IND, JAX, MIA, OAK, SEA

Tony Romo - 1st & 3rd

Stephen McGee - 3rd


Offensive Line - SF, STL, CHI, MIN, SEA, MIA, JAX

Doug Free - 1st

Tyron Smith - 1st & 4th

Kyle Kosier - 4th


Running Back - DET, NE, SEA, TB (#2 role)

Felix Jones - 3rd

Demarco Murray - 4th

Tashard Choice - 3rd

Phillip Tanner - 3rd


Wide Receiver - CLE, JAX, MIN, OAK, STL, TEN,

Miles Austin - 1st & 3rd

Dez Bryant - 1st & 4th

Laurent Robinson - 4th

Kevin Ogletree - 5th


Tight End - CHI, DEN, KC, MIA, OAK, STL,

Jason Witten - 1st, 2nd & 4th

Martellus Bennett - 4th

John Phillips - 5th


Defensive Line (DT) - CAR, DEN, JAX, SEA, STL

Jay Ratliff - 2nd

Marcus Spears - 5th


Linebackers - BUF, CAR, JAX, KC, *PHI, *NYG, SEA, STL,

Demarcus Ware - 2 1st rounders 2 2nd rounders 3rd and some late rounders **Herschel Walker-esque value

Sean Lee - 2nd

Anthony Spencer - 4th

Bradie James - 5th

Victor Butler - 4th

Bruce Carter - 3rd


Cornerbacks - CAR, DET, IND, JAX, PIT

Terence Newman - 5th

Mike Jenkins - 4th (young)

Orlando Scandrick - 3rd


Safeties - CAR, MIA, MIN, NE, TB

Gerald Sensabaugh - 3rd

Abe Elam - 5th

Barry Church - 5th


I realize that these are extremely variable and some really good players have been dealt for REAL CHEAP recently, like santonio holmes for a 5th rounder.  He did have character issues though, as most of those cheap deal players do.  We have solid, good character guys here.  I realize that some of these may still be a little high, but based on youth as well as what they have been able to show when given an opportunity, I think it is fairly accurate value.  Now I didn't start this to get people to say "We should trade this guy away", although I know it will happen.  I know someone will probably mention Tashard Choice or one of the various running backs, and based on recent events, other big name players may be discussed as well.  I realize I can't prevent this, but it is a subject for conversation with the trade deadline approaching.

I do not see the cowboys going out and trading for any players.  Dumping players, maybe, but adding someone else and giving up draft picks, not happening.  Garrett knows he still needs to get younger and continue to build this team, so accumulating more picks is the only option.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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