What IF Cowboy's

I have been watching Cowboy's football since Don meredith ...Football is a contest based on each teams player position match ups usually the outcome of this contest depends to a certain degree on the health and scheme of the way that these contestants perform against each other .. and on any given day... Usually The victor is the one who has out performed it's opponent......with that being said to ALL TRUE Cowboy"s fans PLEASE watch TONY ROMO PASS attempts from now on ....Tony Romo is a quarterback that can basically pass with a fair amount of accuracy when throwing to his Left and when throwing down the middle of the field....His accuracy actually SUCKS when having to throw to his right side which in turn makes him become ONLY a TWO dimensional Quarterback on pass plays...( however to Tony's credit if you are a RIGHT handed passer which Tony is ..then TRY passing to the right side when you are scrambling to the left VERY DIFFICULT to do ,don't believe it then try doing it yourself!!) ...So with this being the case is up to the COACH make the most accurate pass play calls against it's opponents and Jason Garret's Play Pass calling ,as well as his overall play calling in the Detroit Game just did NOT make any sense NO Coach in their Right mind would have shelved a running attack that was averaging 4.2 yards a carry against an opponent in the 3RD quarter UNLESS ..He was SPORTS GAMBLING and participating in throwing away the game....People Jerry Jones is a Billionaire take a close look in his face ..he actually looks like the Devil lolol ..anyway the Majority of Billionaires has made their money doing $hady $H T anyway ...Now take a look at this.. in las vegas their were a lot of people who got really rich from the cowboy's loss to the lions last sunday ...But what was so compelling was the fact that a LOT of big money bets ....were placed right at half time or shortly thereafter ..Bets that Dallas would lose when the cowboys were up by almost three touchdowns in the third quarter ..Now who would actually have taken that risk ..Probably people who knew that a FIX was in  .....Remember the bruce willis move "the last Boy Scout?? Shellie Marcone said this to Bruce ......

want to know how much a billion dollars is???? "THATS NINE ZERO'S SON" LOLOL

Jason Garrett Jerry Jones and his Billionaire owner friends are ALL in on this together ......SPORTS GAMBLING !!!!
Did you see the way that Romo snatched his arm away from jerry jones after the loss.....Yea thats because he KNOWS whats going on and he has to keep quiet about it ...... Didnt it seem strange that after the super bowls that dallas won in the 90'S that all of a sudden the coach Jimmie Jones was fired ....and that same fired super bowl winning coach amongst other Good super bowl winning coaches NOW actually REFUSE to coach again ????? Parcells.amongst others .....
Does in not seem strange to you that Garrett actually called the plays that  sabatoged wades career at dallas....
..Basically because THEY KNOW that Now..........
The OWNERS of NFL professionals teams along with  their Head coaches Are sports gambling ON CERTAIN GAMES ...during the footbal season .................Point Blank.....

And the coaches that  REFUSED to become a part of it .........Either were Fired or forced into retirement , and if they dare to open their mouths about what they know about Gambling they will be systematically as well as professionally destroyed by the powers that be



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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