Top plays that have shaped the season

Browsing through BSPN I mean ESPN I saw an article that pointed out the top 5 plays that shaped the Cowboys season. Decided let's get one going here for the BTBers.

At the mid way point this is by all accounts an average team at 4-4. As the Big Tuna use to say " you are what you are."

But, yea theres a but. With a few bounces, inches, or yards here or there this is either a 2-6 team or a 6-2 team. Let's see my top plays that have shaped our team and put us at the point we are at now.

** Week 1 Jason Wittens 64 yard catch

Instead of a 67 yard TD reception. Prior to Romos fumble, then INT Jason Witten could have sealed the deal. Jets safety all 5'8 of him managed to tackle 6'5 260lb Witten out of bounds and in hindsight save the game. The loss is not in any way on Witten but this play ended up being huge.

**Week 2 Dan the man sets up Holleywood

After missing a chip shot 22 yard field goal Dan Bailey had a chance to redeem himself. I don't think anyone expected him to make that 40+ yard field goal to send it into OT. He did and hasn't missed since.

With Romo playing through a broken rib and punctured lung, & Miles Austin and DEZ out someone had to make a play in OT. On the first play Romo finds Holley down the field for a 60+ yard reception to set up the game winning FG.

** Week 3 3rd and 21 +88

Between Costas bad snaps, WRs dropping balls, red zone woes and Romo gutting it out with broken ribs it looked bleak on 3rd and 21 late in the 4th qt. But Romo pulled out his magic and found Dez ,who was playing on one leg, down the field for a first down completion + a 15 yard penalty. Setting up Dan the man for the win.

***Week 4 Getting stuffed

A play often forgotten in the biggest collapse in Cowboys history happened early in the game in what was a blow out.

On 4th and 1 Garret elects to go for it already up a TD. Instead of taking the points he get none as a Felix Jones carry is stuffed up the middle. What wasn't a big deal then turned out to be one as the lions stormed back to win by 4. A TD or a FG changes the complexion of the game.

**Week 6 A false start, starts Trust Gate?

With a 3 point lead late in the game in Foxboro against the almighty Pats, 1 first down wins it. Garret played it by the books on 1st and 2nd down by running but only netting 2 yards setting up 3rd and 8.

Romo comes out in shot gun looking as if they are going for the win. But rookie RT Tyron Smith false starts backing up the boys to 3rd and 13 essentially eliminating a threat of a pass and Dallas would be stopped, the rest is history. After the game many believed Garret lost trust in Romo but did he?

**Week 7 Murrays Scurry

With Felix Jones out Demarco Murray would see increased time. And on his first carry against the Rams he let himself be known. After a penalty backed them up on their own 9 Murray take the handoff 91 yards to the house. He would go on to rush for 253 yards setting the single game franchise record. He hasn't tailed off since. It's exciting to watch him run and its no coincidence since his presence has been felt from that week Romo has thrown for 5 TDs and 1 MartyB I mean INT.

There are a lot of other plays out there that have gotten the boys to where they are now. Let's hope when we revisit this 8 weeks from now they are filled with positive turning points. What are 1 or 2 plays you guys think also shaped the season, in no particular order.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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