Calling all HATERS!! Please apologize here!

This one is for all of the DeMarco Murray haters out there. You know who you are. You're the guy who said that Murray's 253 yards against the Rams was a fluke because it was the lowly Rams after all and their last place run defense that he did it against. You're the guy who, when Murray ran roughshod over the Seahawks said, "Murray had a nice game, but hey, it's still the Seahawks."  You're the guy now saying that his latest exploits aren't so impressive because despite their fast start, the Bills are who we thought they were. The hate in your heart never allows you to give a deserving young man the credit he's due. It's eating at your soul. It's threatening to kill off any inner beauty that you have left and leave you to forever roam the Earth with a bitter beer face. You haters know who you are. Some of you even get paid to spread the hate. Cough, Marshall Faulk, cough.

Let's go into more depth after the jump...

The truth is that no matter how you slice it, what Demarco Murray has done in these last four games is impressive to say the least.  He'd have done it to the Eagles too if the score hadn't gotten out of hand. Weak teams, weak defenses don't matter. Everyone out there is getting paid. Nobody likes to get embarrassed. Everyone is trying to win. If what Demarco did against the Seahawks, Rams and Bills were so easy, then everybody would be doing it.

How about dem lowly Rams? I find it amazing  that haters find it so easy to dismiss his accomplishments. All I heard after the Rams game was how bad their run defense was, last in the league. While that was true, no other running back had run for 200+ yards against them this year. I find it even more amazing that no one said that they may have been wrong when those same lowly Rams beat the high flying Saints the following week, holding them to 56 total rushing yards.  I didn't hear any hater say, "Maybe Demarco was better than we thought." Did you? To further prove my point, Demarco had 253 yards that game. In the three games since, the lowly Rams last place rushing D has given up a total of just 252 yards. Yeah, apology accepted.

How about dem  Seahawks? After Murray torched them for 139 yards on 22 carries, I heard more of the same bull. The Seahawks are not be a very good team so lets act like they have no rushing D. Never mind the fact that no single rusher had taken them for over 100 yards all year. Never mind the fact that they'd faced some pretty good RBs. (F. Gore 59yds on 22car, R. Mendenhall 66yds on 19 car, M. Turner 70yds on 26car) Need I say more? OK then I will.  Montario Hardesty got the closest with 95 yards, but it took him 33 carries to do so. If I do the math (this Xs that, divided by that, carry the 1) that's 2.8 yards per carry. I don't think that any of the haters would be willing to put Murray ahead of any of those before mentioned RBs on a who's best list. I don't think that any hater would say that the Dallas O-line is better at this point that any of those other team's O-lines, but hay it's still the Seahawks. Right? Ask Ray Rice about the Seahawks limiting him to 27 yards on 5 carries. Better yet, ask Baltimore why they abandoned the run so early and threw the ball 52 times in a close loss to those very same Seahawks just a week after they were so thoroughly dominated by Murray. Apology accepted.

Last but not least, how about dem Bills? Their run defense isn't as impressive as the Seahawks, but they certainly are not pushovers.  They've held McFadden and McCoy to 72 yards and 80 yards respectively. Only 2 RBs, Cedric Benson and Ahmad Bradshaw with 104 rushing yards each had reached the century mark against them this year. Neither of them cut up the Bills like Murray did at a 6.8 yard clip. Come on haters. I'm not asking you to vote him into the hall of fame, just give credit where credit is due. Murray has broken the team records of a couple of hall of fame RBs. He's sporting the best four game stretch in the illustrious history of Cowboy rushing. He's averaging a gaudy 6.7 ypc. If he kept that up for the rest of the year, he'd break that record too. Stop with the silly excuses. Put down your hate and repeat after me, "I'm sorry Demarco. You are a BEAST!!" Doesn't that make you feel better? Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like I do? Although he may tell you to call him Mr. Murray, I'm sure he will say apology accepted.

Alas these arguments are almost impossible to win. Murray will keep doing what he does. Haters will continue to make excuses. Perhaps around the Philly game, the Eagles will stack the box to stop Murray. They'll do just that but get torched by the passing game. We avenge that earlier beat down with a beat down of our own, let's say 37 - 10.  But Murray only gets 45 yards on 15 carries. The haters then say, "So what you won. The Eagles had nothing to play for, but what happened to your man Murray. He only got 45 yards, 3 yards a pop. I told you that he wasn't s**t!"

That's the game the haters play. In the words of a great man, "NO ONE DENIES THIS!" I guess I'm crazy for even trying to change them.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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