Felix vs Murray

Let's get one thing straight...This post is not to Bash what Murray has done. Any time you break Multiple records, then there is something there. However, I am getting really annoyed with certain posters here at BTB. I am not going to name anyone, but you know who you are. My biggest pet peeve is this statement that I have heard one too many times:

 Felix has had several opportunities but hasnt even sniffed what murray has done.

Oh really? Now it is true that Felix never set any records, nor has he had a 200+ yard day....How ever to say that he has never even sniffed at what Murray has done is frankly idiotic...and I can prove it. Follow me past the jump

So Lets look at what Murray has done over the past 4 weeks shall we?

7 10/23  STL W   34-7 1 0 25 253 10.1 91T 1 0 0 -- -- 0 -- --
8 10/30  @ PHI L   7-34 1 1 8 74 9.3 26 0 1 -2 -2.0 -2 0 -- --
9 11/06  SEA W   23-13 1 1 22 139 6.3 32 0 4 47 11.8 17 0 -- --
10 11/13  BUF W   44-7 1 1 20 135 6.8 25 1 6 36 6.0 17 0 1 0

it is very impressive to say the least. Almost 19 carries, for 150 yards for 8 yards per carry... But Felix has never sniffed production like that right? 

2009 week 17:

17 01/03  PHI W   24-0 1 0 15 91 6.1 49T 1 3 3 1.0 4 0 -- --

2010 week 5:

5 10/10  TEN L   27-34 1 0 15 109 7.3 34 0 4 17 4.3 11 0 -- --

2011 week 3:

3 09/26 WAS W   18-16 1 1 14 115 8.2 40 0 3 40 13.3 27 0 1 0

Now I admit that Murray has had an incredible run and may be a "feature back". But that does not mean that Felix all of a sudden isn't the same player that we thought he was. Now is there an injury/durability concern with Felix? Yes, there is. But I submit the following question: When has Felix, A) Had a good O-line capable of actually creating holes, B) and had a Full back that could actually Seal those holes open? the answer? 2008...and guess what Felix Averaged 8.9 ypc that year....and I would argue that this line is just as good if not Better than that 2008 line. oh and BTW guess what Murray's Stat line from that Week 3 contest was:

3 09/26 WAS W   18-16 1 0 2 6 3.0 6 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- --

not exactly awe inspiring.....


But Felix has Never sniffed what Murray has done.....



Well this certainly had the effect I was going for, just not in the Direction I wanted....Just to be Completely Clear on this, since it seems that everyone is misunderstanding the post. I am NOT advocating splitting the carries equally, or giving Felix the Majority, even though I think that Felix should get the opportunity to be the starter hence the majority of the carries against the Redskins, if only to see if he can replicate Murray's production. IF he Can't then Murray should be the starter.

What I wanted to show is that while yes, Felix has not had a 4 game stretch like Murray has had, that does not mean that Felix has not had several games in which he put up Very good Numbers. That is all I was wanting to show...nothing more nothing less....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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