JG Has His Foundation To Become…RHG once again.



Red Head Genius.

 When Garrett was hired he had statistically his best season as an Offensive Coordinator. The Offense was clicking on all cylinders each week it seemed like. Romo posted career highs in TDs (36), Jones and Barber aided a top 10 rushing attack sending Barber to the pro bowl, TO posted Pro Bowl stats and the team went 13-3 with a mediocre defense. Since then he’s been fairly pedestrian to say the least. But in between that the sole foundation of Garetts offense vanished.

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For years we’ve all been mystified at why Garret has been very inconsistent and skittish with his play calling. Its becoming clear he hasn’t had the right bullets for his gun sine 2007. During that year he had his explosive WR to go deep to, his All Pro TE to keep the chains moving, a solid run blocking offensive line, and 2 backs that kept the train rolling and opened the play book.


With the return of Felix I believe is the return of the Red Head Genius. Garrets ultimate plan is coming together as he envisioned it when he took over. In 2007 he had aa 1-2 punch that rushed for around 1500 yards and 12 TDs. The 2 back in that tandem would be trusted to carry the 1 load while JG wanted to juice the backup spot up with a WOW factor. Yes the infamous 2008 WOW draft in which introduced us to Felix Jones. His sole intentions were to be a game changing number 2 behind a supposed work horse back. And game changing was he.


He exploded onto the scene with 3 TDs in his first 3 games while averaging over 8 YPC. He was defining his role to the T. Injuries would derail his season but throughout his career he has shown us more explosive plays in his 2 back role. But what changed around him was the 1 back in the system. Failing miserably Barber was an anchor to the offense, no not the good kind he was holding this team back.


Barber lost almost all of his 2007 form and was literally NO THREAT when on the field. Defenses didn’t respect him and the offense suffered. No coincidence the offensive numbers haven’t been as dominant as that season.


As the 2011 season was progressing on the same feel as recent years was creeping into the offensive aura. Downfield throws were less occurring and even more less completed due to them not being there, the offensive line being over whelmed with no threat at all in the running game and most importantly of all the QB and Play Caller being extremely limited.


That changed when Demarco Murray inserted the line up. Suddenly his incredible vision, power and burst became the catalyst to this offensive unit. Rushing for over 600 yards in 4 games in only 100 carries with a whopping 6.7 YPC will do that. Defenses now have to respect the run, which creates passing lanes, makes the line look better, makes the QB look better, and makes the play calling UNLIMITED. But I believe its only the tip of the iceberg.



With Felix Jones returning, the return of The RHG could be waiting in the wings. Murray will be the starter and the workhorse back JG thought Barber was x10, and Felix will be used as Felix in 2008 not 2011.


This tandem will be extremely efficient in JGs offense if they play to their abilities. Murray’s uncanny ability to find the alley out of traffic keeps this team in great down and distances which opens up the playbook. He has the ability to pop it on any given play, but his best value is grinding down the defense and get better with more carries.


That’s what Felix can’t do. Since college he has always been a complimentary back. He doesn’t get better with more carries his numbers tail off after 10 carries and in the fourth quarter. But he is great in spots as he was in 2008. When Murray tires down the defense or they get use to his style, Felix will come in and make them pay. He’s been hampered by injuries and didn’t have a cohesive offensive line to start the season. Point is, Felix is no slouch if a defense thinks so with the new found or shall I say the re found style on offense he will make you regret it.


Felix is exceptional in space. While Murray doesn’t need a lot of space he can stop and go on a dime and create lanes that weren’t there. But when Felix enters the game and the defense has to respect the pass with Dez, Witten, Robinson or Miles there will be plenty of space for Felix to operate in. When he gets space Felix will read the defenders and once he sees a lane its stick it and good-bye. His presence will keep the defense on its heels all day long with Murray and the passing threats softening things up.


And the foundation will be set. It is no coincidence since the threat of a running game everyone of the offense has looked better and the play calling of Garret seems fluent. The offense has averaged 33.6 points in the three games Murray has carried the ball 20+ times. Romo has 7 TDs 0 INTs , this in a game without Miles, and all without Felix.


There is no controversy. Instead its chaos, for the opponents defense on Sundays. The foundation is in place,RHG may be upon us very soon.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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