Cowboys Redskins

This game worries me.  By all rights, the Cowboys should win by at least 10 points.  And a total blowout wouldn't be surprising.  But will they even win? 

The Deadskins have lost five in a row, including losses to the pathetic Panthers and the Dolphins, both 2-7 on the season.  Their run defense gives up 120 yards a game.  Their passing game is even worse.  Quarterback play has resulted in a 58 percent completion percentage on the season and an anemic  68.0 passer rating, 30th in the league. Their ability to run the football is not exactly scaring anyone.  The team has gained only 86 yards a game on the ground, averaging a pathetic 3.6 yards per carrier. The playoffs are not even a pipe dream, now. 

Meanwhile, the Cowboys appear to be peaking with a dominant performance over the Bills. Romo is rolling and Murray looks like the best running back in Dallas since some guy named Smith.

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You remember the last game against the Deadskins.  The Cowboys learned they had a field goal kicker.  Otherwise, the offense, which looked pretty good against the Jets, until the Q4 meltdown, looked lost against the redskins. Felix Jones did rush for 115 yards, one of the few bright spots.. Of course, Romo had cracked ribs and his offensive line was so inept, Romo needed to resort to almost all short passes.  Remember Phil Costa not being able to snap the ball at the right time?  And then there was guys like Ogletree not knowing the playbooks.  In all, it was a gritty performance for Romo and an ugly win against an uglier opponent.

With a healthy Romo and a new dynamic running game featuring Murray and Jones as a change of pace back, you can see the Cowboys really rolling up the points this time around.  Certainly, there would seem a chance, even with Tony Fiammetta out.  If the Cowboys do jump out to an earlier lead, there's no way the Redskins are going to match them in a shootout.

So getting out to a lead and then running the football and staying away from turnovers seems like a sure formula for success.  On the other hand, going vertical early and often might result in a blow out win against this division rival.

Yes, Tony Fiammetta is out, but the Deadskins couldn't stop Jones last time.  No way they are going to stop Murray, right?

The good news is that the Cowboys, since Garrett took lover really don't seem to give up.  Now, we get to see if what happened last week was a fluke or if the Cowboys will route the Redskins, the way they certainly should.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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