34-7 True and False...or False Truths?

Over reaction Monday can be a spectacle in of its own. Ever sit back and just watch the hyperbole reactions? Sundays beat down was sure to bring out this spectacle once again.

After the embarrassment on Sunday our beloved (or not) owner stated there's no need to set off the alarm, and rightfully so. We ran into a desperate, talented team playing at home under the lights. Now that's no excuse at all this team got its ass kicked plain and simple.

However this is not the norm as seen under JG, and surely not the norm under Rob Ryan. Yes our ILB are old and slow and yes Rob got out coached by a 5 time NFC Championship game coach who is now 13-0 after the bye, and yes the offense looked abysmal. Because of all that many have made this team out to be the 34-7 beat down flawed team, and have come up with false truths, follow me.

**TRUE Rob Ryan got out coached and glad he admitted his game plan was trash. Also true our old ILB got exposed. But FALSE this is the norm and will happen throughout the rest of the season.

Let's point out the obvious. We do not face another Vick, Mccoy, Jackson, Maclin group outside of this team again in Dec. Again Rob knew after his initial approach was wrong. His ultra aggressiveness was used against him with Vicks legs and Andys scheme. And his adjustment to create a shell to take away the deep threats worked but Andy seemed to anticipate this and he was gashed by Mccoy taking advantage with only 7 in the box, and Celek abusing our LBs once Lee went out.

Look give Andy his credit it was an excellent game plan. But Rob WILL NOT USE IT AGAIN, EVER. Granted in the second half he seemed to calm things down evident in Philly only scoring 10 points problem was the game was already out of reach. And Philly never took its foot off the pedal forcing Rob to still keep 2 safeties deep.

I've seen enough this season to know that is not the norm for this defense and running into a group of players with those skills won't happen again until Dec 24th. Now Lee's injury is a concern. Carter will have to speed up his progress. By no means am I saying Brooking and James are fine but they will not get exposed like that ALL GAME regularly because other teams will not force Rob to leave them on an island like Philly did. If you can think of a team with the abilities of Vick, Mccoy, Jackson, Maclin left on the schedule I'd like to know. Still an area of concern.

**TRUE Garret was suspect again in his play selection. True Romo seemed timid. And True the O line was abused. FALSE this was any indication of a future trend.

The offense was put in a no win situation what seemed like from the jump. It doesn't take a Rocket scientists to figure out the game plan was to run run and run some more. But running involved chewing up clock, something they had no luxury of doing.

Even when they were down Garret was trying to run and Murray was having great success at it. Evident in his 9 YPC rate. But being down 21-0 your forced to try to score quickly.

This played into the Eagles hands perfectly. Garret could not attack the Eagles weakness at all. Instead Philly dropped 7 into coverage all night sending only 4 which is their true strength rushing the passer with their D Line.

Which gets me to the O line. We all know the O line has been average all year. But they too were put in a bad situation. This isn't the first time Philly got after a QB, they are top 10 in sacks. But eliminating the run not by force but because of their offense it was a perfect storm. Dallas couldn't keep Witten and Bennet in to help block and sending them out only gave you a 3 or 4 on 7 option.

Philly was never forced to bring down a safety in the box. Making Romo timid. He couldn't make deep throws, they were not there. It became easier to take Miles and Dez out. Now I do think JG has to find a different way to get those guys the ball. I don't have a problem with play calling I'm starting to have a problem with the PLAYS themselves. They just seem too basic in the pass game. I'm not seeing slants, screens, double moves. But again the game plan was wrecked early on not due to the offense.


Weren't many. But the obvious was DeMarcus Ware with 11 tackles and 4 sacks. There's not much to say, he's the best Defensive player in the game.

DeMarco Murray. He continues to prove to me that he needs to be the feature back. He had only 8 carries for 74 yards but it was again what he showed in those carries. The power, the vision, the burst. This offense will only reach its maximum ability with a run game. It will continue to be up and down trying to find its way with out one. But he will be the guide to reach that maximum climax, I just get sense we will start to see a more run oriented offense.

Finally Jay Rattliff. He was the lone force on the D line Sunday night. He was in the back field a lot and was held plenty only being called once. But outside of Ware he had no lateral help or in the cut back lanes.

Again I do not think this game shows any indication on how this team will play. The game got out of hand quickly forcing everything around the plan to fall apart. The coaches tried to adjust but Andy used the bye to combat any adjustment made. Hats off to their coaching staff. But I do not see this team getting handled like that again. Problems to fix? yes. Throw in the towel? No. Suck it up, move on and win.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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