The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (Washington)

I didn't intend to make it a series, but the theme is so befitting of this game.  There was definitely good, bad, and ugly in this one.  We should have expected that, given the typical nature of games against Washington.  So, follow the jump.

The Good

  • Tony Romo -  He was not quite in sync with recievers on the timing stuff, but the improvisational stuff was inspired.  He escaped pressure on multiple occassions and he and his recievers showed that they were of one mind.  He hit improvisational stuff to Robinson, Bryant, and of course Witten.
  • Doug Free - He has turned it around after his earlier struggles.  What I really liked was he was the one downfield pulling Dez out of a scrum with Hall.  We got lucky that Dez didn't get the penalty there as he ripped off Hall's helmet.  Free also held Orakpo in check. 
  • Witten - Great play, when we needed a big play. 
  • DL - Not a lot of pressure, but they played the run very well. 
  • W - A W in this series is a good thing, however you get it.  The 'Boys did what they had to do, they found a way when things didn't go as planned.  Like Romo they improvised their way to a W.   
  • Bailey - He made it, barely.  That one fading right was disconcerting, but it went through.

The Bad

  • Pass D - Not much pressure and Jabar freaking Gaffney gashed us all day.  It seemed odd to me that we went with so much 3-4 man pressure on Rex.  Did not like that game plan.  Felt like they were playing prevent. 
  • Run game - Wow, does Fiametta "Moose Lite" really mean that much?  Seems like it.  There were not the same openings we have been seeing.  Not sure if it was the lack of Fiametta or something I'll get to in the ugly section. 
  • Special Teams - They damn near gave away this game.  A guy averaging over 30 yards on punt returns is just unacceptable.  I don't know what it was, but it has to be fixed, or we will suffer.

The Ugly    

  • Costa - He got thrown around in the run game and pushed into Romo's lap in the pass game.  He looked awful.  I was really hoping he would pan out, but early returns are not good.  I remember Larry Allen getting thrown around by Reggie White as a rookie, but Costa is getting thrown around by everybody. 
  • AOA - There has to be a better option on returns.  He catches the ball and seems to run straight for the largest mass of humanity he can find.  He catches the ball and doesn't fumble, other than that he does nothing well. 

I expected this type of game, always is with Washington.  Really happy with the W, but there is a lot to work on moving forward.  I feel really good about this team, they are playing well as a team.  One of the things I really like is there is none of this standing around staring into space after the secondary gives up a touchdown that we saw last year.  No one is trying to show anyone else up, they live and die as a team, that gives me much hope. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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