Cowboys Vs. Redskins-A Modern Retrospective

Two words to explain the Cowboys recent 27-24 OT win?

Hanging Tough.

No. I am not talking about the NKOTB...I am talking about the 2011 Dallas Cowboys. Who just escaped Fed Ex Field by the skin of their teeth with a much needed and hard earned victory. It wasn't pretty. In fact you might call it ugly right to it's face. But it was a win, and a win against the Skins is no easy feat. And to all the media idiots who are talking trash about how Dallas should have blown out the skins they seem to have real short memories because history is against any blowout between these two teams. So before you get that roasted dolphin ready...take a little time to savor this 27-24 overtime victory.

It seems to me that no game against the Washington Redskins is a cake walk. Even the great Cowboys teams of yesteryear have gotten scalped by those red faced goons. It's a rivalry that has no equal in the NFC East. Sure the Giants Vs. Eagles has gotten pretty spicy as of late, but this one has a special flavor to it, that's all it's own. The first ever game played between these two bitter rivals actually ended with Dallas on the losing end way back in 1960. But in more current Redskins Cowboys match ups, a few games come to mind, and here they are.



Final Score: REDSKINS 14 COWBOYS 13

I am just a youngin' when it comes to this rivalries history, but this game has forever been burned into my memory. I had a little higher hopes for this years team than I had the year's past. Probably because we got rid of Old Man Testaverde, and put a solid quarterback in Drew Bledsoe behind center. I know he's a statue of liberty and all but he really wasn't half bad. He was on the decline though. Anyway I kinda liked Drew, so I was hoping he would give me the first winning season that I could remember.(I had vague memories of Dallas' shortlived playoff run in 2003..) Boy would I have egg on my face when we missed the playoffs yet again..But back in September I was optimistic. The Cowboys just came off of a season opener victory and were playing on the big stage of Monday Night Football. And for about 3.5 quarters they were absolutely dominating the Skins and were pitching a shutout. The score was 13-0 Dallas with 3:46 left in the game. The Redskins had shown nothing to think that they had any offense to make it at all close, and the defense hadn't shown any reason why it wouldn't hold up. Then a new Cowboy killer was born. His name was Santana Moss. Somehow someway Mark Brunell found him for a 39 yard TD. I was thinking there is no way they're gonna get another one. The offense can close this thing out. Right? Wrong. A couple of untimely penalties later and we're punting the ball away. What happens next? Brunell finds Moss again. This time for 70 yards and the Skins are up 14-13 with a couple minutes left in the fourth quarter. I was absolutely flabbergasted. The offense then failed to take advantage of a Tyson Thompson punt return that gave them the ball at the 48 yard line and the game was over.  I was not a happy camper tuesday morning that's for sure. And it sure as heck didn't help matters either that I got heckled to death by the kids at school for wearing my Cowboys hat earlier in the week either. Definitely not a pleasant memory.

December 18th 2005 Fed Ex Field

Final Score: REDSKINS 35 COWBOYS 7

If I at all thought the loss on Monday Night was a fluke this humiliating beatdown erased any memory of those thoughts from my mind. It wasn't like this was a meaningless game either. This was a big game. A game this team needed to have to stay ahead in the playoff hunt. And what does this team do? Stick it's head up it's butt and fart for 60 minutes. The offense stank so bad that it was drawing flies. The defense couldn't have stopped a JV high school team from scoring on them, and the special teams were so bad that they had to have came off the short bus. You know what's kinda crazy about this game? Mat McBriar is the one who shanked a ton of punts in this game. Sounding familiar? This is also proof that you can throw for only 163 yards on 20 attempts and get 4 TDs. Who knew? And it was the first time Dallas had been swept by the Redkskins in 10 years. An utterly pathetic performance that will stand the test of time as one of the most embarrassing losses in Cowboys history.

November 5th 2006 Fed Ex Field

Final Score REDSKINS 22 COWBOYS 19

Tony Romo had arrived and had just came off a stellar performance against the Carolina Panthers, and gave me new hope that finally I would see a Cowboys team win a playoff game in my lifetime. A hard fought sloppy game took place in Washington and it ended in the most wacky ridiculous way imaginable. The score was tied 19-19 with six seconds left and it appeared that the Cowboys were going to kick the game winning field goal off the leg of Mike Vanderjagt(Yeah, remember when he was supposed to be the best kicker ever?) only to have it blocked by Troy Vincent and recovered the late great Sean Taylor who barreled through the offensive lines' poor tackling all the way into Dallas territory. And to make things even more stupid Kyle Kosier gets called a 15 yard facemask penalty which put the Skins into field goal range. So then Mike Novack, a scrub kicker who had missed a field goal only 33 seconds earlier from 49 yards out kicks a 47 yard field goal right through the uprights as time expires giving the Cowboys one of the strangest losses in recent memory. All I could say after the game was WTF just happened? A game worthy of a big fail in every sense of the word.

SEPTEMBER 12th 2010 Fed Ex Field

Final Score: REDSKINS 13 COWBOYS 7

Too soon? We all remember this one. We needed to see this team win again to prove that the epic curb stomping we suffered to the Vikings in the playoffs was all in the past. But instead this team laid a rotten egg on sunday night when the lights were bright. First the offense blows garbage for the entire first half. David Buehler shanks another field goal(THANK THE GODS FOR STEELY DAN!) and with 4 seconds left with the Skins leading 3-0, instead of taking a knee and heading into the half down a manageable 3-0, Jason Garrett(Wade Phillips?) decides to call one of the dumbest plays I have ever seen in my life, and Tashard "The Fumbler" Choice is born right before our eyes. I still have no idea whether it was Romo's fault for actually doing the stupid play that was called or Choice's fault for getting punked and tossing the ball on the turf. Either way it lead to DeAngelo"The Mouth" Hall picking the ball up and taking it back to the endzone for 6. This dumb play happened to be the difference in the game, and possibly the season. But with only seconds left in the fourth quarter it seemed like Dallas might be able to pull of a miracle and at least send the game into overtime. And for a moment it looked like our prayers were answered as Romo hit Roy Williams in the corner of the endzone for the game winning TD only to have it called back because of another stupid mistake called Alex Barron. I knew the damage had been done, and this loss was to be the first of many in one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory. Now doesn't this sweep feel good?


November 16th 2008 Fed Ex Field

Final Score: COWBOYS 14 REDSKINS 10

This game wasn't pretty either but since it was the first game back for Tony Romo after missing a few games due to his broken pinky finger(I know it sounds lame but you try throwing a good spiral with a broken finger..not easy at all.) and it was the game where the Redskins had honored their own hall of famers before the game gave the win a bit of payback to it for the monday night fail back in 2005. Another thing that I remember fondly about this game is that Martellius Bennett had a big impact. He caught a miraculous TD pass from Tony Romo to give the Cowboys the lead. Former cowboy Marion Barber also had a big game rushing for 114 yards and a TD on 24 carries, including a big fourth down conversion that sealed the game for us. And T-New's first game back from his nagging groin was beyond impressive. He shut down Santana Moss to 5 catches for 29 yards and 0 TDs. He also snagged a big pick off of Jason Campbell late in the fourth quarter.  So Marty B's amazingly solid performance this Sunday is not as unlikely as we might have thought. And it also took place in week 11, and it also catapulted the Cowboys to a 6-4 record. Kinda eerie ain't it?

November 22nd 2009 Cowboys Stadium


This game is the one that proved to me that every time the Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys it is always a slug fest. This win could be considered even more ugly than our most recent overtime win. But it showed how resilient this team can be, and proved that the rivalry was still alive. Throughout most of the game the Redskins defense was playing like the new version of the Steel Curtain shutting down every facet of the offense. The Boys were in the red zone early in the first quarter and seemed to be headed for an early lead when Marion Barber fumbles the ball on the 20 yard line which gets recovered by DeAngelo Hall who is finally stopped by of all people Tony Romo. Things were tough all over for Romo because he banged up his back on that first quarter tackle. But with less than three minutes remaining in the game, Tony Romo changed into his red and blue tights and used his spider- senses to avoid a ferocious pass rush and find Patrick Crayton in the endzone for a game leading TD. Then the defense got into the fray and tipped a Jason Campbell pass that was intercepted by of all people, Anthony Spencer. The game ended on a incomplete pass by Jason Campbell and the Cowboys escaped with a very unlikely win. Romo also had one of his worst games only completing 15 passes on 27 attempts for 152 yards 1 TD and 1 Int. But the only stat that mattered at the end was the W on the win column.

 Romo's recent 23/37 292 Yd 3 TD performance is particularly impressive considering Romo's history of struggling against the Redskins defense. In all honesty I would put this recent win on the memorable wins list in my recent Cowboys Vs. Redskins history. It was dramatic, exciting, and heart pounding. All in all a very entertaining game that we were lucky to come away with a win on the road. The defense definitely needs some work, but I think special teams is the one thing that let the Redskins back in the game..Dallas was up 10-0 early in the half, and it seemed like it was going to be another Buffalo, but a Mat McBriar shanked punt later Sexy Rexy ran into the endzone for a rushing TD and the Skins found new life. Special teams continued to suck with a booming punt by Mat McBriar that was returned by Brandon Banks for what seemed like a TD only to be stopped by a streaking Bruce Carter. We all know how that drive ended...with Grossman finding Jabar Gaffney for the halftime leading touchdown. But the Cowboys would not go down for the count, and would continue to fight their way to a 24-17 lead. Only to have erased in the waning seconds of the 4th quarter due to poor defense and questionable non-calls(That pass to Gaffney that put the Skins into FG range was Incomplete. His foot was on the line. What were the refs blind again?) In OT we were lucky that Graham Gano had Graham Crackers running through his veins instead of ice when he missed a 52 yarder wide right. Then when the game was on the line Romo hit Dez Bryant for a big 1st down conversion on 3rd and 15. Once again DeAngelo Hall was the one who got punked for what turned out to be the game winning play. It couldn't have happened to a better person in my opinion. Dez Bryant is quickly turning into a big time clutch player. And then Dan The Man sealed the win with his 25th FG in a row. A wild victory that ended with the Cowboys second sweep of the Skins in three years. It sure does taste good.

Next up is our annual thanksgiving classic, where we are facing off against the rising Miami Dolphins in Cowboys Stadium. Romo is currently undefeated on Thanksgiving and I see no reason why he shouldn't continue to be since his opponent owns the 25th ranked pass defense in the NFL. Running lanes might continue to be a little smaller with Fiametta out with a undiagnosed illness(Eat a steak bro! We need the F-Bomb back!) and the Dolphins run D is pretty stout. But I like this teams chances to continue their win streak this thursday. Especially since we barely squeaked by the Redskins we should be twice as focused for this game, plus we have an advantage over the visitors because we are annual turkey day combatants. But Leon Lett is going to be in attendance so anything is possible. So stay hungry boys, and SQUISH THE PHISH!



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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