Let's Mock!

I know it's pretty early (OK really early), but boredom has a way of making me want to mock.  I considered many things looking at this upcoming draft.  I thought about the stable (at best) offensive line and going after Konz early, but chose not to.  I considered the potential slide of Vontaze Burfict due to "character concerns" and if he slides my whole draft would change cause I'd pick him without even a second thought, I would love to have an on the edge of insanity LB on this defense any day.  I thought about the perceived weakness in the secondary, I for one have been pleasantly pleased by the play of our DB's this year for the most part, but I do acknowledge the fact that Newman is getting older and our Safeties are more stop-gap than anything. My main priority as evaluated our team needs and the players likely to be available when we pick...

Alameda Ta'Amu, NT, Washington

Any shot at Burfict again changes this pick, but with the assumption that we pick in the 20's and Vontaze get's selected in the top 15 at least, I'll stay away from that for now.  I think finding a true NT, which, Ta'Amu is, is not at all an easy task, and if he is there when we are on the board in the first round, I'd be very happy if we selected him.  The man is just plain huge.  He's the definition of a space eater and he takes on double teams with no fear.  Any 3-4 defense would be much improved against the run with Ta"Amu occupying the centre of the line, he would also help to free up Ware and Ratliff as pass rushers.  Oh and yes, this means I am on board with the whole Ratliff to DE scenario.

Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia

I have a feeling his stock will rise and then I'd consider going after Brewster, C, Ohio State, but for now Glenn falls to us in the second and we pounce.  Not only is dude a mountain of a man, but he is nimble on his feet.  He does a good job pulling and blocking out in space, knows how to hit a defender while on the move and excels getting down the field, those traits seemed to have been the common theme among the lineman we looked at in last years draft as well.  A bit inconsistent getting off the ball, but nothing that can't be fixed.  

Ray Ray Armstrong, SS, Miami

Whether or not JG and the "Boys" take Ray Ray is a big question with the suspension and all, but i think he's a steal in the 3rd round.  His slip has been caused not only by the suspension, but also his play hasn't been up to par.  I believe his play is down as a result to missing so much time and in the right system he can be a violent defender.  Another thing I notice when watching Armstrong is that he gets himself out of position often, always trying to guess on a play and get in on it as opposed to covering his responsibility and letting the play come to him, love the enthusiasm but certainly has to reel himself in. Missing out on Burfict hurts because I want a mean S.O.B or two on defense so Armstrong fills that want.  In time I think this kid learns how to play in the pros and becomes a nightmare for offenses, when he lays the wood he lays it with authority.

Coryell Judie, CB, Texas A & M

Judie's name wasn't consistently in any particular place on big boards so I had a hard time placing him, but felt as though the 4th round might be about right.  Still a bit of a project Judie didn't play organized football until he was a senior at high school, but he's shown plenty potential.  Former track star in high school Coryell first made his name on the football field as a standout JC CB/return man.  He's not afraid of the big stage either, he played one of his better games for the Aggies against my beloved LSU Tigers in the cotton Bowl.  He was great returning the ball, but one play that I'll never forget was his one handed interception at the 1:05 mark of the following video, thing of beauty...  Kid has all the right tools and still has plenty to learn.  Solves our kick and punt return issues as well.

Ben Jones, C, Georgia

Jones is the lunch pail type of Lineman, not flashy, just comes to work and works hard.  He has a great deal of experience having started over 30 games at Georgia.  Adds much needed depth and competition on the interior of the offensive line.  This draft has 4 very good senior centers, if they are all at the senior bowl it would be worth a watch for any Cowboys fan, I bet one of em has a star on next year.

Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa

This guy is a former QB who shows that he knows what is going on out there on the field, I think he is brilliant in zone, the way he manipulates space and all.  He doesn't have the greatest hands in the world but he has made some clutch catches at a prestigious school, and that has to count for something.  He sorta reminds me of Laurent Robinson in the sense that Robinson was also labeled as having poor hands but he's done nothing but prove to be every bit as reliable as any other receiver on this team. 

David Poulson, TE, Oregon

This guy has RKG written all over him.  He admits that Baltimore Ravens rookie TE, Ed Dickson, whom he is replacing in Oregon, is bigger, faster and probably a better blocker than himself, he's humble enough to know that's his reality.  He knows his role as a TE and he blocks really well in the running game.  He has a knack for first downs that is simply beautiful.  As a junior 11 of his 12 catches were for first downs.  That's impressive stuff.

So the defense gets a pretty good upgrade in my opinion and we add an OG early, who will push for playing time early in his career.  ST gets a nice upgrade with the edition of a dangerous return man, and we get some pieces to groom on offense.  I can live with this draft.  My how this will all change come April lol.  Hope you all enjoy it.  

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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