How Do You Like Him Now?

It's not often on one drive you will have that many plays where your eyes will be as big as today's dinner plates. 

The jersey play.

The certain sack.

The out route.

The rollout TD.

Legitimately any or all of these plays could have been disastrous. Knowing that we watched them all with the hope for success somehow, while understanding that logic and reason were not on our side. Once the first one was successful hope does rise. Confidence grows. Your faith, although unbreakable, has been tested. When it gets tested again you wonder about your QB. His sanity. Considering the pass rush on the drive, his health. And you wonder whether your poor heart is gonna live through another one of these games. Vacillating between periods of "Wade-ishness" (*shudder*) and then serious high level drama. 

"The Jersey Play" is the epitome of "tonyholdtheball .., whatishedoing! ... ohthisisbadheisbadtonythereisnoreasontolive ... HE CAUGHT THE BALL! HE CAUGHT THE BALL! " kind of Tony Romo play. We've seen many over the years. Sometimes they don't work out. Often they do. I think he knew he could make the throw. His jersey was being held, but his upper body was free. And then he launches this infield fly. I blanched. I'm assuming a lot of you did too. :lol: Who thought that was gonna work out when you saw the ball trajectory leaving his hands? Heck, I looked up, like I had  3 more TV's on top of mine so I could see that high. And then along comes Mr. Witten. And he had it. Easy. 9 yard gain. First down.

"The Certain Sack" was THE NEXT PLAY. He's back to throw. Setting up a screen to DeMarco Murray (who someone called "Murray Christmas" in one gameday thread and I howled with laughter, Who was it?). And there's a Fin coming at him like Hell is coming to Dallas. Romo seems to sense it, starts the throw early and finishes the motion while going down under the pressure. He's falling as the ball leaves his hand. And it hits Murray in stride for 17 yards. First down. 

"The Out Route" would be the most impressive play of most QB's days. Certainly any drive. Except today. But it showed an arm strength I did not even know Romo had in him. When you are watching a game on TV you are subjected to the Gods of whatever camera you happen to get. And on CBS you are going to get stiffed repeatedly. But this one was perfect. We see Robinson run the Out route. He's headed to the sidelines with a DB right on him. As the ball enters the screen the eyes of the viewer starts to widen. There is no room. This will be the 3rd pick. Like the 2nd pick, the DB will jump on it. And honestly it comes in so hot to Robinson I don't think the DB even gets his hands up. 14 yards. First down. 

"The Rollout TD" is easily the most straightforward of the 4. But it deserves a place. Not only for the perfect pass to Robinson for the TD, but for the ease in which he did it. He drops back, no one open. Rolls out and  stands there. After anyone watches their QB stand on the 15 for what seemed forever, you have to wonder at the result. With that much time invested most guys will take their shot. Which leads to tipped balls, picks, TD returns. Heck, all kinds of bad things. But he just delivers it, 18 yards and a TD. 

Phil Simms is not a good commentator for a football game. He simply is not. He's better than some, but what is that really saying? But he has his moments. And after the drive he said it was the most impressive drive he's seen all year. And as a SB winning QB watching another QB do that. It is worth something. Romo picked us up when we were down. Like any knowledgeable Cowboy fan understands. We stand or fall by him. And Cowboy fans we have a lot to be thankful for on this day. He played his full career in college. And was on the bench for 3 years in big D. He does not have that many miles on him. We could have an easy 6-8 more years of him at QB.

To end this Fanpost I'd like to look back. We are nearing the 20th Anniversary of the Boys becoming a team for the ages. A world of Super Bowls and dominance. Look at the team we have here. We need some parts still, but you can see where we are going. Can't you? Our QB is our MVP other than our Coach. Yes, there is a gunslinger in there. And on some days it will kill us. But this team belongs to this gunslinger. They believe in him. Have faith in him. And trust he will take us all to wins and  the playoffs and to the Bowl. And don't doubt it. He will. 



*sponsored by the KD Drummond Some People Foundation 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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