The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Miami)

This team just can't seem to win a pretty one, just Buffalo comes ot mind as a reasonably complete game.  But they do manage to win, which is a dramatic improvement over last year.  I have a good feeling about this team.  Follow the jump for the Miami edition of this unintended series.

The Good

  • Romo - It could have easily been in the ugly category.  Some of the passes he threw up out there, just unreal.  The pass to Witten as he was being tackled, you just can't throw that and expect to complete it, but he did.  Is he lucky, is he good, I don't know but it worked today. 
  • Murray - Dude is a tough runner and he is smart.  That last run of his, he stayed in bounds, unlike some other less than stellar RBs around here.  Ran often, ran hard, ran smart, ran well. 
  • Run D - Limited the impact of Bush to just the pass game essentially, no big plays, made Moore beat them.  
  • Robinson - Seems to have some mental telepathy gong with Romo when a play breaks down, when Romo escapes left he seems to be looking for Robinson.
  • Holley - I forgot to mention him last week, so this week I am going to give him kudos for that downfield block that let Witten get another 10 yards.  That is the longest I have ever seen a WR sustain a block, he does whatever he can when called upon. 
  • Bailey - Damn nice to have a kicker that makes kicks
  • Lee - Some real nice plays in the run game and did decent job in the pass game.

The Bad  

  • Free - Three false starts, really.   One is bad, two is almost unforgivable, three and you need to be slapped. 
  • CBs - All of them sucked.  Newman, Scandrick, Ball, Walker.  We need Jenkins back to put everyone in the correct spot.  I will cut Newman a little slack, I think on the touchdown, Elam was supposed to be helping inside, so Newman had to jump on Marshall's back, but damn he didn't even do a good job of interfering. 
  • Elam - Got to call him out this week.  The Newman interference is on him, I think.  The penalty for illegal contact was just bad, damn dude know where 5 yards ends, especially on a big third down. 
  • McBriar - He hasn't been very good since the injury set in.  Not sure we wouldn't be better off with the other guy, McB isn't booming them anymore. 

The Ugly

  • Attitude - Dallas has more talent than Miami, but they hung around.  Seems like we played to their level as opposed to making them play at ours.  We made Buffalo play at our level.  This has occurred the last two weeks.  I have watched a lot of football and I can say it is damn near impossible to dominate every week, but winning in OT or by last second FGs routinely is a recipe for disaster.  This team has better talent than Miami, Arizona, NYG, and TB, Philly is close in talent, the Boys need to play up to their talent and let others try to match it. 

Again, another hard fought win, glad to have it, wish it didn't have to be so hard.  This team is going through some struggles right now and still winning, that is good.  I am reminded of the way Green Bay got in last year.   

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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