Fear the Star

Shout out to all BTB head writers and daily writers who make this site so awesome. I must refresh my BTB page like 50 times a day between my laptop and my blackberry. It's the best site to discuss Cowboys football ever.

This is my first FanPost. 

I've felt like we could beat any team pretty much since the start of the 2007 season (excluding injured Tony Romo seasons, like 2008 and 2010). We've always been a team with playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. We've always had DeMarcus Ware

This season, after watching the past 4 games, I really feel like this team is Godly. We have offensive playmakers, 4 of the best in the league IMO. 82, 9, 29, 88. I wouldn't trade any of those players for anyone else in the league. We still have DWare. We now have a dominant Sean Lee.

I love when he gets picks, he's due for one when he gets that cast removed, although how boss would it be to see him rise up like 40 inches in a middle zone, and get a pick with the Qtip haha. BSPN would finally show our highlights. Well maybe on top plays, like maybe they'd put a cowboys play at #8 or #9 <sarcasm>

We've lost some close games to teams with winning records. But now we're flipping the switch and winning games in the 4th quarter and in clutch time. No late picks, no late fumbles, no missed game-winning field goals, no late sacks, no bad clock management.

Yes, my only concern is when our defense gives up big yardage plays over and over. Theyve stiffened up in the redzone, as we all saw in the Dolphins game, but still, we're giving up plays sometimes.

Imagine, via draft or free agency, we aquire a truly mean and intelligent DE or DB to pair with 94 rushing the passer . And 50 taking care of all MLB bidness and more. I've been looking over mock drafts, and I even looked at Chia's mock on Thanksgiving, and I'm learning a little more about defensive players in college this year. I know plenty about the offensive players, but haven't really paid much attention to the other side of the ball. (I'm a Longhorns fan and we kinda suck this year, so I stopped paying real close attention.)

But my question to you is, are there any players out there that fit the description? Like a Ray Lewis or Troy Polamalu, or Ndamakung Suh (minus the stomping haha)?

Its been a pleasure to be able to chill with you guys every day and get your insights. Hopefully I dont get judged too hard about my grammer, spelling, paragraph placement, or anything like that (you guys are all great writers :))

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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