How LA getting a team could affect the Cowboys


Ok Big ham before you go all fan shot on me, this IS Cowboys related, as you will see. We all know that the League is wanting to expand into the LA market again. the biggest issue is that with as many team as there are, that the League will probably not want to Add a team, as that would create an unbalanced division(more than likely one of the "West" divisions). So there will probably be a team that moves to LA. But Which team? IMO it will be the Panthers. They have historically has issues with their fanbase, even though they have been fairly successful, not only being a playoff contender several years, but also going to a Super Bowl. Not only that but they are also in a very crowded area, fighting the Falcons, Bucs, Jaguars, and to an extent, the Ravens, Redskins, and Titans for Fans. And we aren't talking about a area that boasts a huge population here either.

They are also dealing with the fact that the Carolina Area(which is the primary fan base for the team) is not exactly known as a "Football area". While there are some decent College teams there, the Area is more of a Basketball area(specifically College)... So I see the Panthers moving to LA...which causes an Issue...which we will "Jump into"...haha

The issue is that The NFL wants to have its Divisions geographically correct(ie teams in the West of the Country are in the West divisions, teams in the North are in the North Division, so on so forth). so Carolina moving west creates an issue, as they would now be a "west team" playing in the "south Division"...However I have a way to correct this. Now this may be unpopular with alot of the "traditionalists" but IMO, this is one of the better ways of solving the issue. A three team swap.? what do you mean? Have three teams move divisions, the Panthers, Rams and Cowboys. Say What? yep Here is HOw I would do it

When the Panthers move to LA, you put them in the NFC west. This means that the west Coast gets to watch Cam Newton Face 3 decent Defenses,  and Newton immediately becomes the "best QB in the Division". So that helps a struggling West Division excite its fanbase.

However that means that the West has an extra team, while the South has an empty easy solution would be to just move the Rams there right? You could, but that would still have issues, with the Rams, being a "Central/West" team playing in a "South" Division. which is where the Cowboys come in.

The Cowboys are most definitely Southern, and Although they would be the most Western of the teams, geographically, they would still be a better fit, than the Rams. So The Cowboys move to the "south Division" while the Rams move to the "East division"

But doesn't that create issues still? true you would still have a Cental /West team in the East division, however  St. Louis is slightly more eastern than Dallas is, plus is farther north, so geographically is closer to the other east teams. 

Now as for the "rivalries" that are lost, true Dallas would lose those NFC east rivalries, with the Eagles, Giants and Redskins. However, If you think about it Would "Created" those rivalries? Dallas did.  I would propose that because Dallas has such a large national Following that you could Move Dallas to ANY division, and within a year or two have Rivalries which would Mimic the Old ones from the NFC East. And Also don't you think the Fans would like to See Dallas go against the Saints twice a year?...

Now again this is all just the random musings of a Cowboy's fan, and probably won't Happen...

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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