Rooting, Expectations, and Other things to do with the Cowboys.

Hey BTB. This fanpost isn't going to have a lot of stats. It actually might not have any at all. Mainly me blabbing about the past, future, expectations of the team, and possible situations that will probably never happen even if it may be for the good of the team. 


I've been rooting for this team for quite some time now. It will be 9 years after this season which I consider a long time because I'm not even 20 years old yet. I've witnessed bad, average, good, and great seasons. The happy medium has to be average though. That's what the Cowboys have been throughout my fandom and average team. For older fans you can say great having witnessed the great dynasty years of the 70's, 90's, or both. It's actually quite funny. When the Cowboys blow a lead, make a dumb play, or just get dominated the older fans say "This isn't our Cowboys." While I go "Heh, same old Cowboys." 

When I was little it was much more fun rooting. (Not saying I don't have fun now, but here comes why.) I thought winning didn't matter. I watched the games looking for good things for the Cowboys without watching the scoreboard. Eventually my Dad told me you can't be happy after a loss and I would argue as if they played for the love of the game. As I got older I realized how stupid that sounded and winning became more involved in my fan interests. Without winning your game once a week most fans would go 2-3 days of depression. Not really caring what's going on around them and just thinking about the events that happened and what could have happened. 

I made a fanpost similarly after the Lions game about this, but I deleted it because it had some stupid stuff I overreacted to due to losing that game. Which leads me to say football is the most aggravating sport to be a fan of, one spot ahead of basketball. When your team has a lead by a large margin with time to go and your team screws that up run through everything that could of possibly happened. 


I have none. 

Well I no longer have none. Before the season started I thought this was a 10 win team. But as I have noticed we're just not great. We can still win 10 games, but who says we won't blow another pretty much locked up victory like the Jets and Lions game? Add two wins and subtract two losses and what are we? Tied with the Giants at 5-2 atop the NFC East. 

Or look at it this way. The Giants don't get a gift wrapped victories vs. the Cardinals and Dolphins. Then we're all 3-4 and unlucky. 

Yet now I expect nothing from this team. The Cowboys next 5 games are all winnable we keep saying. Guess what BTB? Every game is winnable. We could have beaten the Patriots if our defense would have held up or our running game showed up or Garrett didn't play so conservative. Right now that doesn't matter because a bunch of ifs just mean you didn't get the job done. 

The next 5 games are pretty huge. If we were to win all 5 the Cowboys would be 8-4. A decent record going into the final quarter of the season with one of the more difficult endings to a season I've seen in a while. While our schedule looks like a cakewalk now the Bills, Redskins, Giants twice, Bucs, and Eagles are pushovers. But getting more into the next 5 games that do not include the Giants twice, Bucs, and Eagles I think Dallas goes 4-1. Even though all of those games are games they are supposed to win. So Dallas would sit at 7-5 needing to win 3 of their final 4 games. Possible, but not probable. 

I'm sad to say that the Cowboys are going to regret losing to the Jets and Lions. NFL victories are so tough to get and when you blow two games it just kills your team. Add in the fact that we have a young offensive line who can't protect our middle age QB. Middle aged for the NFL he's not in his 20's anymore. We're not set up for success right now. 

Other things we should do that Jerry won't allow us to

You all may see this as me giving up on this team. I look at it completely different. Remember Jimmy Johnson trading away his franchise player for a crapload of draft picks? Which set up one of the most dominant NFL dynasties of all-time? Well why can't the Cowboys do something similar? 

Here are guys that I consider key pieces to our team.

Ware, Romo, Witten, Austin, Dez, Murray, Young Oline, Ratliff, Elam

Would you consider trading Ware, Romo, Witten, and Ratliff for a bunch of draft picks? It's a difficult thing to do. Romo is 31, Witten and Ware are 29, and Ratliff is 30. Maybe even Newman can get some picks. So while these guys mean a lot to us they could very possibly be at the end of the road. I would keep Ware, but he could bring in the most amount of draft picks. And for what 3 years of elite pass rushing for an average team? What good is that going to do for the Cowboys. It's nice to have a player to be elite, but when your team isn't winning it takes the fun out of it. Ware's 4 sacks in a 34-7 beat down didn't feel good. 

This way you have your Irvin in Dez Bryant. You might have your Smith in DeMarco Murray. You have your offensive line to grow with the new Quarterback you draft. Whether that be Matt Barkley, Landry Jones, or Brock Osweiler...You can have them grow with the rest of the team. I'm all for rebuilding the long way because sometimes short cuts like we're trying just make you wait even longer until you realize exactly what you have to do to win. 

Look at the Lions. You want to be the Lions right now. If you build it they will come. 



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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