The Season is on the Line. No literally.



The Season is on the Line. No literally. One can argue our Dallas Cowboys have one of if not the most talented set of skill players on offense in the NFL. Romo, Witten, Dez, Miles, Robinson, Felix, and Murray. It's hard to argue that. There are pro bowl players at QB, WR, and TE. There is a stud at RB and what could be one of the better #2 backs.

But this teams production can't come close to the explosive offenses with the likes of the Packers, Saints, Pats,Texans, Eagles. Hell even the Panthers. There is one reason for that.

We have been getting on Romo for his ways, Dez for apparently not being a great route runner in only 18 games, & Garret for his night and day play calling. But there's one thing I left out that all those teams have. A capable OFFENSIVE LINE.

Just about each and every explosive offense has a pro bowler or 2 on their teams. Evans, Peters, Khalil, Clifton, Mankins and other very good Offensive lineman man those teams. Right now this minute there isn't a lineman on the team capable of dominating its opponent.

I'm elated that we picked Tyron Smith and he is having a good season under the circumstances he faced. No Offseason for a 20 year old Tackle and a sprained knee before week 1. But he is still learning the ropes.

Kosier is on his last leg as again he is injured. Costa can't seem to keep snaps down and is average at best 50% of the time. At LG Lumpy, Arkin, Nagy, Dockery, Lumpy, Loper, Mark Henry; get my point. Then the one who was suppose to be the rock, Free. He is not at his best this year, average for most of the season.

See that's where the issues begin and end UP FRONT. When Jerry and JG decided to get rid of the vets it was the right move for this team. But it didn't significantly upgrade, more as though weathered a hurricane into a rain storm but never cleared the sky for a sunny day.

The play of this line has single handedly held this offense back. Not Romo, not Garret, and not our RBs. In every loss it has been the offensive line failing to deliver just as much as the QB, Defense, and HC but they don't come with a win loss record.

Week 1 they failed to open any holes on the blocked punt drive. Or all night against a Jets defense that gets gashed on the ground. Yea Romo had a big day but not with out being sacked 4 times, and hurried out the pocket on the Revis throw.

Week 4 the offense was clicking then Romo gift wrapped TDs to the Lions. On Romos 3rd INT yes bone headed play but did anyone notice the D Line having a meeting at Romos face? Next thing you know off balance throw trying to be a hero, oh yea Holding on the play.

Week 6 The O line couldn't open up an unlocked door if it hit them in the face when it counted let alone a hole. On the drive to ice the game the O line failed miserably losing yards on the first 2 plays. Then a false start knocking them back to a 3rd n 18.

Week 8 We all saw what happens for a full game when the offense is counting on the line to let pass plays develop. Ugly. (Even in week 2 it was the line that started Rib Gate)

Then you have these soap opera Trust issue episodes. Garret doesn't trust Romo, Romo doesn't trust Dez, romo only trust Witten, Miles just smiles.

All wrong. GARRET DOESN'T TRUST THIS OFFENSIVE LINE. That's the real issue at hand. And unless this line gets on a hot streak it will be for the foreseeable future.

You see the skill players are there. Dez can make the spectacular catch down field, Romo can get it there, Miles can get YAC, Witten can get vertical, Robinson can win his route. But the line doesn't give consistent time for any of this to develop. The key word being Consistent.

In high pressure moments throughout the game Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Manning more often then not are GIVEN the opportunity to make something happen. Too many times Garret has to HOPE for that and Romo has to flat out MAKE something happen rarely given.

I know we are a pass to set up the run team, have been since Garret came aboard. Just an idea, but that should take a back seat to salvage the season. It is no coincidence that when this team can run effectively all game it wins. Against Washington 100+ win, Rams 100+ win and if JG sticks with it they blow out Detroit as they had 100+ in that game averaging over 4 YPC.

Ironically they have a better shot due to the opponents on the schedule to be a better run blocking line. Show of hands at who wants to see Romo throw the ball 45 times against the Eagles, Giants (x2) and Redskins? Garrets hand is down too. With Murray inserting his presence as a horse & with fresh legs he can carry the load along with Tanner and Felix; this offense will have to run to set up the pass.

Barring a miraculous turnaround the identity of this offense has to change this season. And if this isn't addressed in a major way next year, again the season will be on the line.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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