The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Overall game day impressions using a great cowboy flick as inspiration.  Read on for my first impressions without further review

The Good

  1. Demarco Murray

He was quick, showed good vision, broke tackles, caught the ball, pretty much everything you could ask for in a RB.  This might have been the Seahawks, but they are a good run defense.  I think we have our number one, Felix can return to the role he was made for, change of pace back. 

  1. Tony Romo

He managed the game.  He didn’t take unnecessary chances.  He made the passes he had to, evaded the rush and made good decisions.  Good to see him having some fun and getting some confidence back.  Him being able to take some hits is going to expand the route trees and the playbook. 

  1. Jason Witten

He did what he does and did it as well as anybody ever has.  He is Mr. Consistent.

  1. Anthony Spencer

The blocked FG was huge and a great athletic play.  He put some pressure on the QB, made some plays in the run game (one of the few that did).  Almost Anthony was big today. 

  1. Orlando Scandrick

Almost blocked a FG.  Had a good blitz.  No big gainers on his side.  All in all had a pretty good game, he is as good (if not better) than Newman and Jenkins. 

  1. Bruce Carter

He showed some wheels breaking on that pass break up.  Given how poor James and Brooking were in coverage, I think we will be seeing a lot more of him. 

The Bad

  1. Run D

That damn off tackle run has killed us two weeks in a row.  I don’t understand how that can break for such big gains seemingly every time.  Got to get this figured out. 

  1. Red zone

I think this is a function of one of the uglies (see below).  Really poor in the red zone, really really poor.  I think Troy once said “every time you kick a FG you are that much closer to losing”.  The one I find particularly troubling was the 1st down inside the 2 yard line and we call 1 running play, in which Costa got pushed further back than Demarco went forward. 

3.  Lack of pressure

This must have been schematic.  I don’t understand how you get one sack on this team.  My guess is they didn’t want Tavaris to beat them running, they felt he couldn’t beat them passing. 

  1. The Over the Hill Gang

Better known as Brooking and James.  They gave great effort but the tank is empty.  Got run over in the run game and anytime they were in coverage, it was horrible beyond description.  Sean Lee get healthy please!!!  Carter may not know where to be, but he would end up in the right place faster than either of these two.  If Lee can’t play soon, Carter has to play more, these two just don’t have it anymore. 

The Ugly

  1. Phil Costa

Damn dude, getting pushed 5 yards into the backfield on the goalline, totally unacceptable.

  1. Penalties

The stupid penalties at the start of the game were, as described, ugly.  Motion penalties, unacceptable.  The worst penalty in my mind is the 1st down holding on a run play.  How in the world can you do that?

  1. Miles Austin hamstrings

Dude must have hamstrings made of taffy.  How in the hell can one guy pull a hammy as often as he does.    

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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