The NFC East is a two team Race

Well what does this division picture look like right now? 

New York Giants - 6-2

Dallas Cowboys - 4-4

Philadelphia Eagles - 3-5

Washington Redskins - 3-5

For the Eagles and Redskins to come back they'll need to go 7-1 over their next 8 games. Likely impossible. So I believe the Giants and Cowboys have the best shot to win the NFC East. To be honest they both likely have an almost equal chance of winning the NFC East and going to the playoffs. I say almost because the 2 games the Giants are up on the Cowboys still have little meaning when the Cowboys get to the play the Giants two more times. That 2 game lead can be erased with some divisional magic late in the year. Well I also say we have the easier of two schedule and in 3-4 weeks the Cowboys and Giants could easily be tied for the division lead going into our game against each other in Jerry World. 

Here are the rest of the schedules. 

New York Giants - 









Dallas Cowboys - 









The highlighted games are obviously the meetings between the Cowboys and Giants. Though like I've been saying the Cowboys have a way easier schedule than the Giants. The Giants have a much toughest schedule. It's actually polar opposites.

By December 11th at Cowboys Stadium these two teams could either by tied or Dallas is one game back. The Bills game isn't going to be easy for the Cowboys. It's a home game vs. an equally talented team. They should be somewhat of a favorite. Then Washington, Miami, and Arizona. All bottom feeders of the NFL currently. Those three games should be wins. The Skins and Fins games are traps. Washington always makes it close for Dallas and the Fins are playing hard still. Which scares me for some odd reason. I still expect to go 3-1 over the next four games making the Cowboys 7-5 going into the Giants game. 

The Giants however play the 49ers, Eagles, Saints, and Packers. People around NY are saying that the 49ers game is the easiest of this stretch. They could be right. The Eagles game is still no joke. If the Eagles play man defense they're such a more dominant defensive team. It's odd how I can notice this yet Juan Castillo can't. Look at the Giants vs. Eagles game earlier then look at the Cowboys vs. Eagles game two weeks ago. The differences in play is ridiculous. For some reason I see the Giants going 1-3 over this stretch. 

Now before a Giants fan comes on this site saying "WE STILL GET NO RESPECT. WE'LL SHOW YOU! WE WON SB 42!" That's great and all, but reality check please. This is the Giants team that slipped up vs. the Redskins and Seahawks earlier in the year. This is the Giants team that was blown call away from losing to the Cardinals. The team that almost gave the Dolphins their first win. Then ended up beating the Patriots. They play a lot of close games. They make the good and the bad teams stay close. The only problem with that is the luck factor. In close games usually luck gives a team an advantage and sometimes luck doesn't go your way. 

The Patriots have a terrible defense so I wasn't surprised to see the Giants win even though I picked the Patriots to win. The schedule just gets harder because I believe the Patriots wasn't one of the harder games on that schedule. Despite what many believe. The 49ers are going to give the Giants a surprise going to the West Coast. The Cowboys should of lost to the 49ers. So it's not an easy game. The 49ers don't get enough respect. 

The Eagles don't get swept by the Giants. I just see them winning that game. Then the Saints game is in New Orleans. A tough place to play. Last time the Giants played there they were blown out. The Packers are the best team in football. 

Then they have the Redskins an easy win for them. Then the opposite of the Patriots the Jets. The Jets secondary is amazing. So Eli will have a tough day out there. I really see the Jets winning.  

It's all going to come down to winning the games we're supposed to with the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants should lose majority of their games according to schedule, but if that doesn't happen you still have the two division games to win. 

The Cowboys still control their own destiny. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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