Do we finally have our new "Triplets" and maybe our new Moose?

I believe we do!

All we were missing was the next probowl level running back. Now, I am not saying that Murray WILL be that guy, (or maybe I am - though I try not to predict), only that we have a guy that sure fits the part, and after 3 games there is a strong case for him to be the next great back in Dallas. We have had Calvin Hill, Tony Dorsett, Hershell Walker, and Emmitt Smith, and none of those great backs ever put together a three game run like Murray did. And he did it with an O-line that hasn't been together for very many games. That is really saying something.

We have our QB in Romo, our WR in either or both Miles or Dez, and now we have our RB in Murray.


Tony Fiammetta has also been a big part in our Running game. He and Murray finally allow us to have a great shot at having great success at running all 4 of the basic Power Running plays that all teams run.

1. The "Lead Strong" - The Fullback "leads" up into the hole created by the line. (The Strong Side is the Tightend Side. Also called the "closed" side.)

2. The "Power Bob O"  (Sometimes just called the "Power O") -  The TE blocks down, while you pull the backside guard into the hole, while the FB takes on the Linebacker.  (Bob = Back on Backer, and O= Open or weak side)

3. The "Lead Open" -  The FB leads up into the hole on the Open (Weak) side of the line.

4. The "Counter O" or "Counter OF" as it is sometimes called. - This is where the RB runs a "Counter" ,(Misdirection), or Cutback off of the block of the backside pulling guard. It can be run to the weakside or the strongside.

One of the things that really helps a QB be at the top of his game is to have a good running game. When the linebackers have to stay up to guard against the run, it leaves the mid level routes, (most routes are designed to be in that 12-15 yard area), easier to complete.

The "play action" fake, is one thing that "holds" the linebackers and allows for more space for the WR's and TE's to operate. DeMarco Murray has shown so far that he will finally let Romo be the best he can be. His ability to break the first tackle is eye-popping and when a team gets a lead and needs to run clock in the 4th quarter, they need a good running game to do it. And lastly a good running game and a back that can break tackles also allows a team in the Redzone to "spread them out" and then fake the quick pass and let the single back run with the 5 Olinemen blocking against just 4 near the Line of Scrimmage. (No Pile to drive, just open a hole.)

Currently Romo is ranked 5th in TOTAL QBR for this season and the ranking says he is playing at a PRO BOWL level. With DeMarco, his rating should only go up from here.

The arrow is definately pointing up.

Am I just wearing my "Rose Colored Glasses?"

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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