Proving Ground

The win on sunday over Seattle wasn't flashy, or even close to perfect but to call it a disappointment and a failure is totally uncalled for. A win is a win in the NFL, and they are always hard to come by. Plus the Seahawks aren't the Rams folks. Don't forget this is the same team(Minus Matt Hasselbeck..) that knocked the Saints out of the playoffs last year. Their defense is stout especially against the run where it had not given up a 100 yard rusher since late last year. So for DeMarco Murray to do what he did and gash that run defense for 139 yards on 22 carries is no small feat. You have to give credit to the O-Line as well on this one, both the run blocking and pass blocking was a huge improvement over their abysmal performance against Philadelphia. And Tony Fiametta continues to be a big help to the running game.

Also, how about some praise for Tony Romo? The writers at BSPN called his performance unimpressive but I have no idea what game they were watching, because I saw Romo play his best game since San Francisco, and a big part of that is that he's finally over that dang broken rib. He had better velocity on his throws, he was hitting receivers in stride on long sharp passes, and he was avoiding pass rushers, and making time with his feet like the Romo we all know and love. And best of all he was still cautious and careful with the ball. The best example was when he slid near the goal line instead of running it in which might have caused another costly fumble. I think the best is yet to come for Tony Romo this season, and now that he's finally healthy and he has a solid running game for the first time in forever, I think he will start to shine and play like he did in the 2009 season. The secondary also played a much better game, even though they still gave up some big plays in the passing game, they still notched two picks and didn't give up too many long passes, and Orlando Scandrick played a nice game filling in for the injured Mike Jenkins. Also T-New looked like he still has some left in the tank, and played a solid game.

Now not everything was sunshine and rainbows against the Seahawks. The run defense continued to struggle giving up 138 yards to Marshawn Lynch which makes me really worried because next up is the beast that is Fred Jackson. And nothing I saw on Sunday makes me believe we can stop him. Sean Lee get well soon, because we really need you buddy. I saw Rob Ryan throw Barry Church, and Bruce Carter in the mix to help plug some holes in the run defense, and from what I saw it looks like it should be the way to go. Church made a few nice tackles, and the rookie Carter almost got a pick six. The less time that Brooking and James are on the field together the better. Because their best days are obviously behind them. They can't seem to accelerate quickly to the hole anymore. They can get there, but they run out of gas and can't finish tackles well when they finally do arrive. And another thing what's up with Miles Austin? Hurt his hammy again...Now I know it's not on the same leg that he injured early in the season, it's on his right hamstring not his left. But still come on man! Stretch the thing out, drink some water, keep that body hydrated, and please for the love of god stop hanging out with Kim Kardashian! I know the booty train is a nice ride, but it's obviously not good for your health Miles. It's really too bad too, because it looked like Miles was going to have a breakout game before he got hurt. Stupid lockout. Because of the lockout hamstring injuries are on the rise. I guess it's because of the lack of offseason training and conditioning, but I think that these millionaire athletes could have afforded to hire their own strength and conditioning coach if they so desired, but instead they put their hopes on the lockout ending before training camp, and screwed themselves when the lockout finally did come to an end. So best of luck to Miles, and hopefully he's smiling again fairly soon.

Now that the Eagles got put in their place by the Bears on Monday Night Football, the NFC East has become a two team race. It's between the division leading New York Giants(6-2) and in second place our beloved Dallas Cowboys(4-4) The Giants sure didn't do us any favors beating the Patriots but like it or not they are the team to beat in the division. But we still control our own destiny. If we can manage to take care of the creampuffs on our upcoming schedule, and beat some of the contenders along the way we can take snatch the East away from NY. That's why I feel that our next game against the Buffalo Bills is a proving ground for this team. If this team can band together and beat the Bills on sunday than Dallas will have finally proven that they can hang around with the elite teams in the NFC. I know the Bills just got embarrassed by the Jets, but this team is at this moment better than the Cowboys both record wise, and skill wise. Yes we might have a better defense, but the Bills' D focuses on getting turnovers more than anything else, and they are really good at getting them. So we have to be on our toes, and be careful with the football. But not too careful though, we still need to attack the Bill's weak secondary, and hopefully DeMarco will have another big day and run rampant over the Buffalo defense, which will open up the passing game for Tony and Co. And you better bet that Chan Gailey wants to pull one over on Jerry Jones and his old team.

Buffalo Vs. Dallas. That used to be a big rivalry back in the day, and in a way it still is. Every time Buffalo comes to town they come to play. They hate Dallas. Maybe it's because we beat them in back to back super bowls? It's not our fault they couldn't finish and win one measly Super Bowl when they had 4 chances to bring one home. I remember the last time this team faced the Bills on Monday Night Football. Tony Romo had a nightmare of a game. The Bills pressured him into 5 interceptions, and a fumble for good measure. But Tony never gave up. He kept fighting, and willed his team back into the game. He ran away from a sack and headed for the sidelines and met head on with a linebacker who promptly tore his helmet off his head. But he still kept going. When Romo's two point conversion pass to Terrell Owens was knocked away I thought the game was over so I shut it off and went to bed thinking about how the Cowboys had blown a game to the lowly Bills of all teams. Then the next morning I checked the sports section in the newspaper as I always do, and much to my surprise, i found out the Boys had won! They pulled off a miraculous comeback, and snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat. All courtesy of a onside kick recovery, and the leg of former Pro Bowl kicker Nick Folk. 25-24 a score I will never forget. Even though Dallas did not win the Super Bowl that year, I learned to never count my team out of a game ever again, and I realized at that moment that we finally had a quarterback who could take us to the promised land. Because when you overcome 6 turnovers that were caused solely by yourself, and find a way to win the game you've got what it takes to be a champion someday. So hopefully this team doesn't put itself in a big hole again like they did back in 2007 but instead recaptures some of the magic from their miraculous comeback and uses it as fuel for a hard earned victory. A victory that in my opinion could turn their whole season around, and send this team on a win streak that skyrockets them to the NFC East title and beyond.

This is the season right here. Show the haters and idiots on the talkbox  that you've got what it takes to go toe to toe with the best of the best. Find that will and passion you had on that night in Buffalo all those years ago and use it to prove to the world and the NFL that you've got the heart of a champion.




MNF: Cowboys vs. Bills 2007 (via MEZ92)



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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