How fast a return to action?

How fast a return to action?

I think the dominant logic, is you get a person as completely healthy as soon as you can. That is both economical and efficient in design.

There is pride by players once they become Dallas Cowboy players. This is probably one their dignity and handling is on a professional level.

A concept of a soldier applies here as well. Injury and fatigue will eventually make a coward of any man. So, just on this basic concept level, the team is guarding upwards for production.

Strength and Conditioning guru, Mike Woicik, mazimizes individual player potentials. He also allows for the quickest return to production levels of injured players.

Earlier in a season, smart money manages towards greatest potential rewards on the long haul. The closer to the end of journey and into the season, one has to adjust upon basis of securing a starting gate in the playoff run.

Right now, Dallas is in the top eight for considerations into that starting shute for the playoff running.

As to specific player injuries...this is a scoring dominant league. To opitimize that ability, a team has to both run and pass the ball. But a pass first position, is the way of business today. That stated, force a team into over reliance upon the passing game, and one gets the San Diego face of play. The highest number of interceptions that a good quarterback has had in his career. Then a team merely focuses upon stressing ability for an open completion window.

Myself, all given on the Cowboy injury front, the offensive line is the most important. The optimum range for a passing offense, and Tony Romo around 33-35 passes a game. Here, pocket protection and drive blocking has to be showing up during the game.

I don't have much faith in the ability of Phil Costa to hold up, especially as the season works towards black 'n blue December. He is aleady being 'big boyed' on a consistent basis. He is holding up barely. I hope that he doesn't become a physical coward, and gives up. This past game, Montae Holland and Kyle Kosier carried their load on both sides of that center.

And this brings the discussion to the other aspect that is fed by the decision to early on, water a recovery process of starters. This is that it gives game condition experiences to reserve players, and more realistic scouting and evaluation tools at managing player directions and developments.

This can't be under appreciated with regards to the offensive line's interior. The stability by Holland and Derrick Dockery add to Kyle Kosier, is all important to this point in the season.

This part of the season, is all important, as a team will rise and fall due to the efficiency of it's quarterback. That group is responsible for maintaining the front of the pocket. With that, Tony Romo, even without Miles Austin, will eat up most opposing defenses.

Not many teams will put up an all-on-the-line end of season runs, as the Giants did to overtake Dallas in what should have been their own Super Bowl run. Heck, I'm looking for this year's Giants to falter down the stretch as well, if the Cowboys don't falter and fall out.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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