Greetings from Buffalo, TAKE 2

Hello all

I am reposting this b/c I made several errors in my write up.  I was looking at the wrong stats, so, rather than explain over and over, I thought I'd write the correct parts and fix up stuff.  

First off, I admit, I don't know that much about the Cowboys team in terms of non stars.  We all know Miles Austin and Dez and other stars.  U guys are loaded.  But, from the OL purge to some other issues, I admit, I don't know a lot about the guys who took their place.  How are they working out for u?

Some stuff about Buffalo

1.  We have a good QB in Fitz who is having a career year, so far.  We might have found a "marriage" between him and our coach, Chan Gailey, whom u have a history with.  If this works out like some hope, then we could see another dominant QB/Coach combo.  That would be great for us.

2.  We are having a great season from our HB Freddie Jackson.  He is having a career year too.

3.  Our team overall is talented but inconsistent, and that starts with the WR and goes down to the rest of the team.  Our big 3 are Stevie Johnson, Donald Jones and David Nelson.  On a good day, they are a load, they are big, strong, physical guys who can give any normal DB's nightmares.  On a bad day, like vs. Jets, they can be invisible.  Jones is coming off a high ankle sprain 2 weeks early last week, so, this is the week he might have his burst back.

4.  At TE, we might have a new stud, or just a red zone threat, we don't know, in TE Scott Chandler.  He is tied for the lead in TD's with 6.  Chan doesn't use TE's a lot, but, when a guy is 6'8", u try to find a way.  He has great hands and is a good blocker.  At the very least, he is a red zone threat, at the most, he is a star.  Again, we just don't know.

5.  Our OL is good, even above average.  Wood is the anchor at Center.  Our LG is Levitre (tho he has played LT too).  Hopefully, if either of our LT's are back (Bell or Hairston), it would be great to have.  Our RT is Pears, whom some have said is a stud so far this year.  Our RG is Uprik.  Chad Rinehart is the primary backup for the interior.  They are a solid unit, but no depth.

6.  Our DL is hurting.  Kyle Williams went on IR.  Our rookie Dareus is a beast.  He destroyed Washington's center, so he can be a handful.  I am not sure how your OL has fared after losing 2 all pros in a cost cutting move.  He could be a problem.  We also have Dwan Edwards and Carrington as our DE's.

7.  Our LB's seem a cause for confusion.  We run a 3-4 defense base.  What Chan has done to get bigger, and b/c we don't have a true pass rushing threat is to substitute more DE's as OLB and play a 5-2 where 1 or both put their hand on the ground.  This can give the illusion of a 4-3, but, is in fact, not that.  Our ILB are good.  We have Shepperd and Barnett.  OLB is the problem.  Merriman is on IR.  Kelsey is solid at OLB, but, was hurt for the last few weeks.  He might be back this year.  If he can't go, u will see on running downs (or situations) that 2 DE's will come in.  We have Batten, Moats, and a few other rotation guys to keep everyone fresh.  Really, in Chan's defense, the OLB and the DE's are interchangeable.  More so then usual.

8.  Our DB's are crazy inconsistent.  Some games they can look decent or even good, on others, look completely horrible.  U never know what u will get with them.  Our top 3 are McGee, McKelvin, and Florence.  Williams is a promising rookie who is coming back from a bad collarbone bruise.  If they are having a good day, they can keep your guys in check, if not, it could be long for us.

9.  Our special teams is crazy.  Our K went down with an injury, so we have a new kicker, but I think it will be okay. He has kicked in windy places before, so he should be fine for a few weeks.  Our Punter is a very good one and can flip the field if needed.

Some other stuff:  You have the intangibles.  The game is in Dallas.  You have the crowd.  It will be interesting to see how we can do.  We played a bad game last week, u played a great game, so, that could also be a factor.  Both our teams have turned in great and horrid games, so, it will be very interesting to see who does what.  I know that both sides should see plays being made.  

I see that your defense is getting a boost from your LB coming back.  That is bad news for us.  He is a beast.  

The way I see the game is (on the season only)

QB Romo just barely

HB even

WR/TE Cowboys just barely (again, I admit, I don't know much beyond your big 3 of Whitten (TE), Austin and Dez.  With Austin gone, can your backups play?

OL Bills

DL even

LB Cowboys

DB even

special teams even

this game will really come down to turnovers (don't they all) and field position.  And which team shows up.  If the Bad Bills show up that lost to the Jets , we will lose.  If the bad Cowboys who lost to Philly show up, u will lose.  I do think both teams will be there at the end and that is great to see both of us going in the same direction.  I'd love another Bills-Cowboys SB for this generation.

I will answer all questions.  I am not here to troll.  If I said something incorrect, let me know.  If u are right, I will change it, as I did by rewriting this whole thing.  I admit, I don't know as much about this year's team as I did last year's team.  I know your stars and the general story, but, not much more then that.  We don't always get the coverage we want.  I hope we can have some good dialogue back and forth.  Please, no crap questions.  We all know the history between this 2 franchises (and hockey) and don't want a rehash.  

IMO, we finally have a good GM and Coach and they will lead us to being an elite team in another 2 or 3 years.  I think they have an idea.  That idea is to have a huge think healthy team of guys who want to win more than anything else.  They never stop.  Ever.  No matter the score.  They fight hard.  Chan started out 0-8 last year and then went 4-4.  This year, they are 5-3.  So, every 8 games, they seem to be getting better.  

Good luck to both of our teams and no matter the victor, NO INJURIES!!  I am sure we can both agree on that.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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