Free Agents Extensions ... Uh Oh?

I don't get it. Scandrick and Sensabaugh? Is Dallas scratching an itch or is there a cure in mind? The history of free agency doesn't bode well, because none of the (few) great deals prove we recognized talent before it was obvious (maybe the young Columbo).

The other factor that's disturbing, but a part of NFL life I guess, is the disparity in contracts for great players like Whitten. There should be a clause that boosts his pay, when a guy like Orlando earns more.

And finally, how do you pay Lee, Dez, DeMarco and (I think) Jenkins to be fair? $10M each at this rate, which is impossible.

This shows year of contract, length/cost, my grade, my 2 cents:


RWilliams SS 4/25 C- . Seemed okay at the time, despite worries about coverage skills

James LB 5/20 B . Productive tackler, affordable for #1 ILB

Whitten TE 6/29 A+. A steal. When his contract expires, is he rewarded retroactively?

Kosier OG 5/15 B- . Serviceable for the price


Romo QB 6/67 B . Polarizing skills, but no better options in the league.

Gurode C 6/30 A- . Many pro bowls, maybe not all justified

LDavis G 7/50 D . 2 good years does not justify this price

Columbo T 2/7 A . Risk paid off


Crayton WR 4/14 D. No production.

Adams T 6/42 C-. A couple good years doesn't justify the price.

Newman CB 6/50 D+. One good year doesn't justify the price.

Barber RB 7/45 F . No production.

Ratliff NT 5/20 A . A steal. Thank you, Mr. Ratliff.

Williams WR 6/54 (+1 pick) F. The worst ever?

Hamlin S 6/38 F+ . No production.


Olshansky DE 4/18 D. No production

Columbo T 4/22 F. No production

Ware LB 6/78 B. The best player, but Whitten, Ratliff sacrifice pay for love.


Austin WR 6/57 D. No production.


Kosier G 3/6 B. Good stopgap helps Smith and backs up 2 more years?

Spears DE 5/19 C. Durable run stuffer. The going rate.

Free T 4/32 C. Unfair? D if forced to pay 8M for RT.

Scandrick CB 5/27 D+. Better get much better.

Hatcher DE 3/6 B. Cheap for DE.


Sensabaugh S 5/22 C. Guessing at current production. Maybe us beggars can't be choosy.

So ...

What do you think? Your grades? The bottom line is that we win and lose by these decisions. I'm glad the old unproductive contracts are purged, but is this how they should be replaced???

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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