The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Giants)

That was painful. I made a 6 hour drive to attend the game. It was a fantastic atmosphere and the crowd was as into it as any home crowd I have ever heard. It was a great game up until that last 5 and half minutes. Now before I start my 6 hour trek back home my thoughts from the game...

The Good

Sean Freaking Lee - Seemed like he made every tackle. Giants began scheming to get him on the edges and out of the middle of the field. You know he is making a difference when teams start doing that kind of stuff. The interception and return were fantastic, should have sealed the game.

Romo - He missed a few throws, but he made more. He avoided turnovers and really made some terrific adjustments. Being at the game you get a better view of how he made adjustments on some throws to put it where only his guy could get it. The miss to Austin was killer, but I really think that was on Miles, he faded toward the sideline and didn't appear to be running at top speed.

Felix - Murray went down and Felix stepped in and ran very well. He showed some shimmy and shake. Need a back up because I know Felix can't stay healthy, but he can be the top guy until he gets hurt again.

Robinson - This guy has been money from the first time he played, just continues to catch TDs.

Other things to mention under The Good - Spencer - made some nice plays in the run game, Kowalski - came in and did at least as well as Costa, Offensive creativity - The throwback TE screen to Phillips was a thing of beauty, the call to Miles at the end was perfect, just lacked execution.

The Bad

T-New - He was picked on all night. He had his chance in the 1st, and couldn't catch a gift pick six. I have no idea how he dropped that. I don't know what is goin on with him, but tonight and last week were just awful. CBs get beat from time to time, but an unreasonably high percentage of throws in his direction have been completed the last two weeks, he has been dreadful.

Free - JPP kicked his butt. Romo was visibly frustrated at him in the game. He played really well last year but something is wrong this year, he is getting beat far too much.

Lack of pressure - Seemed like Eli had all day. He was flushed a few times but he always made the completion. Never was he put down hard, not once on 47 freaking attempts. That is unacceptable. Ware is playing hurt and is not at his typical level, and with that nobody else can bring the heat.

D-Line - With the exception of Ratliff nobody here made a play all day long. Jacobs was getting to the secondary untouched on many an occassion.

The Ugly

Penalties - This is what was perhaps the most frustrating part of this game. Whenever the D did get a stop, out came the laundry. The interference in the end zone call was total crap, I was sitting right in that corner and that was just unbelievable. The lack of laundry on a couple of occassions was frustrating as well. The waved off facemask call on the Giants tackling Felix was horrible, I saw that replay, in 90 foot tall glory, and he did grab facemask. The no call on the block in the back on the punt return, that would have backed the Giants up inside the 10. I can't really speak to the laundry parade on the last Giants drive, but that sure seemed like overofficiating.

Where to from here - Well the season is not dead, but it is on life support. This was just a horrendous loss. This was the kind of loss that can just suck the life out of you. We will see what sort of pride these guys have. It does not appear that this is a team that will go far in the playoffs given the defensive deficiencies, but hopefully they will show some pride and win the next two to set up a winner take all rematch.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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