What we should be talking about

With the feeling of disappointment still fresh in our hearts and minds, what we should be talking about is on the back burner because of two obvious plays that changed the outcome of the game. We all collectively jumped out of our seats, seeing Miles Austin, fresh off a debilitating injury, beat his man and had nothing but green pastures towards the endzone! The split second we realize this, Romo has already recognized, and simultaneously begun to execute the play and the Giants hopes of a win. He knows that he cannot under throw this ball because it can be intercepted by the trailing corner, and needs to hit Austin in stride so that his chances of bring caught from behind are minimal. So with a receiver whom chemistry has never been an issue with and one that "runs like a deer" he throws the ball to where Austin should be...

Dan Bailey, whom the majority of the season has been as smooth, icy cold and ultimately satisfying as his Irish Liqueur counterpart, is lined up for the game tying field goal. We watch as Jason Garrett puts his hands in his pockets and avoids eye contact with the refs. We hold our breath, with acid tripping flashbacks to last weeks eerily similar situation... The snap, The Kick, IT'S GOOD! We share the excitement of the bouncing fans behind the net that catches this beautifully kicked ball. But NO! Coughlin has iced our kicker! Damn him! But surly Bailey can fix his previous blunder and re make the kick...

Austin makes this catch, the kick is not blocked, and there are different feelings and discussions post game and different interactions the following day... What we would be talking about...

Felix Jones running like a man possessed! His ability to make people miss is amazing and averages over 6 yards every time he touches the ball. He shows awesome vision that some said he did not posess. He gains over 100 yards in the contest and minus the fumble, puts on an awesome performance. The running game does not miss a beat after Demarco goes down.

The defense holds the Giants to multiple field goals in the red zone. It's safe to assume if Austin makes that catch, the defense would be remembered for its toughness vs. being asshats.

Sean Lee does not call the wrong number, you just answered the wrong phone!

Romo has a flawless game and with either an Austin catch or a successful FG, he is recognized for his clutchness and awesomeness in this game.

Tyron Smith is a beast, and has the footwork to continue Dallas Cowboy success on Dancing with the Stars.

Laurent Robinson is quietly becoming on of the best free agent pickups of the past decade.

Winning hides a lot while losing exposes everything. Let's not forget that we're still in it and can go toe to toe with anybody. Eventually it's gotta click. Why not start with Tampa Bay?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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