YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE - An Open Letter to Jason Garrett

I can’t take it anymore. Jason I love you man, but these last second, cliff hanging, do or die, mind numbing, sharp stick in the eye, call in sick to work the next day games have got to stop!

I thought I was a strong willed man. But your Cowboy games this year have proved otherwise. I am a mess right now. I can’t watch ESPN, NFL Network or Fox Sports Net anymore and endure more of their Cowboys/Romo/Jerry Jones/Rob Ryan/Jason Garrett bashing. Forget about reading CNNSI, Yahoo sports, Pro football talk. More of the same. My only solace is BTB and its 12 step program. My name is thepainster and I am a Cowboyaholic.

But there is hope. It came to me last night like an epiphany during another one of my ice the kicker nightmares. In the immortal words of our great tuna: YOUR ARE WHAT YOU ARE.

I am sure you are asking yourself, "But what the heck does this have to do with anything?" Well let me try to explain my reasoning if I may.

Lets face it, our defense sucks. I don’t mean that in a bad way (well actually I do) I really like these guys and I love "the dude". But there is no way we can rely on these guys anymore and expect them to win games for us. It ain’t going to happen. How many more dropped pick sixes, offsides, wide open receivers, no QB pressure, is it going to take for you to see the light?

Our special teams are Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. We have no explosive kick returner, our punt returns are average at best, Matt Mcbrier is brilliant most of the time, but is suffering from "drop foot"(whatever the heck that is). Without the emergence of Dan Bailey this season, we would be in second place in the "Suck for Luck" contest. And now we have ice the kicker issues. Oy vey!

On the other side of the coin, our offense has shown it can put up points. When it is clicking on all cylinders, we can score with the best of teams. And except for Demarco Murray, it looks like we have most of our weapons back for the stretch run.

This is who we are. A team that can put up points with an explosive offense at times with adequate special teams that can steal a game every now and then. But we have a defense that is like a leaky boat. It may get you to the other side every now and then, but you better be bailing quickly and have your life jackets on.

However, being the glass half full guy that I am, I like where we are. I think this is life in the NFL these days. Every team has its flaws. Look at New England. Their defense REALLY sucks. It is worse than ours. But so what? They are 10-3 right now and have won their last 5. Why? It is pretty simple. They score more points than the other team. And why not? They have one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Belichick knows this and they take advantage of it. They put the pedal to the metal and never let up.

The Packers have the best offense in the NFL right now. Rodgers is putting up insane numbers. But is their defense that good? Not really. They don’t have to be. They are almost always playing with a lead. Most of the time a BIG lead. The opposing teams know they have to score a lot of points which causes them to panic and abandon carefully drafted offensive games plans early in games. The result is opportunistic defensive turnovers by the Packers average defense.

The Saints are another team that fits this model. Remember their Super Bowl season and that fantastic defense they had? I rest my case.

So what does all this mean? It is quite simply really. Please Mr Garrett. I’m begging you, UNLEASH THE HOUNDS! Play every offensive down of every second of every remaining game like it is the last seconds of the Super Bowl.

It starts with the coin toss. Defer to kick off? Are you kidding me! Always take the ball, always. And then try to jam it down their throats! Would it hurt you to start off with a no huddle offense every now and then? Romo is pretty good at it.

Open up your play book. How about a flea flicker or halfback pass? Go for the jugular. Score as quickly as possible. Demoralize the other team. Make them fear you.

And then when you kick off, forget the touch back. On side kick baby! Everytime all the time. Make this a weapon in your arsenal. What was the most memorable play of the Saints Super Bowl victory? That’s right, the on side kick. Hire the Hanson brothers and put them on the kick off team. That will make them think twice about going for the ball as it descends upon them. And if you happen to lose the ball, so what? Go for the turnover, or let them score quickly. You might as well let them score, as they are going to anyway. This way you get the ball back to your offense so you can score and score again!

Punt on fourth down? I don’t think so. Go for it everywhere, everytime! So what if you come up short and give the ball back to the other team. The defense will get you the ball back quickly, when we let them score.

And when we score don’t even think about extra points, we go for two! If we only make it 51% of the time, we are still ahead of the curve.

I am tired of losing in the last second of a winnable game. With this strategy we will either blow them out or get blown out ourselves. Either way I will be able to get more sleep after the game.

That is all……now where did I leave my meds?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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