Where do The Cowboys go from here?

What Is The State of The Dallas Cowboys?

Hello BTB’ers, this is my first post ever on this glorious site. After many years of reading the analysis, game recaps, match-ups, forecasts and what have you I have decided to be a contributor (if you are gracious enough to have me.) I have to share my laments as well, as just about everyone here bleeds blue and silver and have been through High Times, and Low Times. After all of these years reading the in-depth analysis, that I really believe cannot be gotten from BSPN or anywhere for that matter, I couldn’t help myself and had to bring my case here to you my brethren.

I always throw nice shin-digs on Sunday, that has now been labeled Sunday Funday, after a 4 Game winning streak things were looking up, but at the same time I couldn’t help but notice flaws like everyone else. I never anticipated the Secondary to have a Meltdown like they did against New York but that is now in the past, and no matter how many times I prayed last night that I could have some Groundhog Day moment and turn back time, it isn’t going to happen. The Last Sunday Funday I had was the Cardinals game because I ended up going to this last game in Big D. We hold our Sunday Fundays in an amazing Game Room, with Beer-Pong Tables and a Kitchen to cook in and pool hall. The Room belongs to a friend of mine’s apartments. After the loss to the Cardinals my emotions got the best of me and I destroyed the door to this game room. For some reason no charges were pressed and the apartments just replaced the door. I felt very embarrassed afterwards, which is why I vowed to never get that upset again. This leads me to this last Sunday.

As I am watching a very good performance by The Offense and the score is 12 points in our favor, I could smell it in the air, something was going to happen and I couldn’t stop it. Romo overthrows Austin, even though Austin could have hustled a bit more, it happened and now it’s 4th down. Two minutes and change on the board, that’s when I knew that it was inevitable, yet another close game that should have been won already. We all know the end of this game and there is no point going over the plays because you guys already have. This very game is what has lead me to this conclusion.

The Dallas Cowboys are 1 Defensive Draft and Off-season away from greatness. I have not given up on this season because I know as well as you all that The Cowboys are capable of turning things around i.e. 2009 for example. However back to my point, on the radio after the game Rocket Ismail said a certain DB was "Aging before his eyes." I couldn’t agree more. Terence Newman was a force for us a few years ago, but his time as a Starter has to end this off season.

I have friends that question me and look for answers from me to make them feel better when a loss like this happens. I am perceived by them to have the answers to the questions my fellow Gingerhead Man will not answer, or questions our "Dude" would rather not comment on to ensure he doesn’t use too many expletives. These friends were wondering, "Where is The Pass Rush!" I heard so many times during this game. I later studied and could only reply " How can Ware sack Manning when he, Hatcher, Lissemore, or Spencer on any given play have to drop back into coverage?"

Which leads me to another point, Brooking and James days are numbered. "James led in tackles!" shouts my pal; Yes but how many times does that happen, not many. "Brooking had some great stops tonight I heard from my red in the faced Girlfriend!" Yes Honey, but look at the many a busted coverage and watching him suck wind from left to right. Make no mistake I have tremendous respect for these Warriors, but in my opinion some cuts need to be made, so guys like Carter, Albright and others can get there. My list of Defensive keepers (I’m more lenient than I could be) is as follows:

  • Ware (arguably the best at his position)
  • Spencer (has flashes of genius, and is a run-stopper)
  • Sensabaugh (good hustle, and flies around the ball)
  • Elam (an Ambassador for Ryan, and plays hard.)
  • Lee (leads the team in tackles and is always there for a big play.)
  • Spears (been solid all year)
  • Lissemore (consistently decent)
  • Jenkins (physical, and plays every down this year with determination, made of play dough though and needs conditioning.)

I believe this team has the right man at HC, DC, ST, and S&C, but I can’t tell if Campo just doesn’t have the right guys or is a poor coach, I love the guy's energy, and I think he is sharp, but something makes me uneasy about him. Oh I know what it is, the Constant Burns downfield in the Secondary! Seriously at some point you have to change your approach to get these guys to master their footing and not have to be 10 steps back before the snap.

I have to pose a question to all of you, say the ship rights and we’re 10-6, NFC East Champs and get a home game. Doesn’t it worry you about what’s in store? The Defense is needed to help win championships and if we can buckle down the next few games and shield our weaknesses and show our strengths we can win this and maybe I can be convinced that I was wrong about my lamenting, that I was wrong about Campo, Newman, James, Brooking, Ball, Walker and others. After this game the only thing I could think of was 2012 off season and Draft, Free Agency and how we move forward. However as a Cowboys fan, I will never give up on them, even in 2010 when I lived in NYC and we were 6-10, this is my team, your team, this is America’s Team and we will reclaim our glory, Come on Cowboys beat the Bucs and get this campaign really started. You win and you’re in. You still control your destiny.

Alright now that I’m finished, I look to you to give me things to look forward to, and help me understand how we will attack this week and going forward.

-Ice Bone

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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