The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Bucs)

Step one of the Texas three step complete. The ‘Boys did what they had to do, would have been nice to see that same sense of urgency in the desert two weeks ago, but hey this team has a flare for the dramatic in the course of a game, why should the course of season be any different. Follow the jump for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Bucs)…

The Good

Romo – It has to start here. The guy has been playing lights out for a long time now. He was spot on with his throws, he eluded pressure, and his leadership is really spreading. I like what I am seeing here.

Felix – Nice speed, nice cuts, good hands, all the stuff we got excited about his rookie year is still there, glad to see him using it.

Pulling O-Linemen – They still don’t seem to have the power straight ahead, but you get these guys on the move and they hit and stick, that is nice to see.

Lissemore – Seemed like he played a lot and he played well. He has a good motor and gets some push in the pass game.

WRs – As a threesome, these guys rock. All three caught TDs and all three seem to be telepathically connected with Romo when he evades the rush and they ad lib the routes. This is perhaps the most exciting thing about this team, they will get better as well.

Spears – Not sure what got into him but he made several nice plays, he was really disruptive.

Others deserving mention – Spencer – that strip from behind was nice, Lee – using the left hand more getting healthier at a good time, DBs – seemed to have good coverage and brought some heat on blitzes, Rest for the weary – Ware and Rat were basically shut down for the 2nd half, we’ll need them later.

The Bad

Dez on punts – He didn’t look real comfortable out there and made some really poor decisions. It looks like he is trying to make too much happen, needs to just take what is there and move on. I really think he ought to be a special occasion return guy, as he does not know how to just take what is there.

The Ugly

Just one quibble on this one. 3rd and 19 against the Bucs with a 28 point lead, if ever there was a situation calling for the draw play, this was it. The last thing you want is to give them a chance at something. This is one of the things that keeps this team from winning more. Like Dez on punts, we don’t know how to just take what is there and live to fight another day. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the situation, but I think things are getting better. This was the only real play selection gaffe in this game. The missed connection to Miles last week was the right call, just missed. Lions and Patriots games really showed poor situational awareness, but things are improving.

Where to from here

I like where this team is headed. Romo and the receivers are clicking, I think Felix is getting his mojo back, seems like more people are getting healthy. The worries are lack of another rush threat besides Ware and the CBs. No interceptions against the Bucs isn’t a good thing. The Philly game should be interesting, the fist one was a real butt whooping, but I don’t think Philly is that much better than the Boys, that was just a perfect storm. Hopefully the Boys can perfect storm their ass now.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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