Twas The Night Before Christmas Cowboys Edition


Seeing that Christmas time is here, and we have our Big NFC East Showdown tomorrow evening, I thought I would use some of my Creative abilities to share some Holiday Cheer with all of you. The Holidays are a special time of year and in Football they are a crucial time of year for some teams. Well our Team has the chance to Clinch the NFC East with a win over the Eagles tomorrow and a Giants' Loss. Which will be an amazing feat considering where The Cowboys were this time last year. Now what I am about to present was just all out of fun and hopefully true. I hope you all enjoy and GO COWBOYS!!!

Twas The Night Before The Eagles Game

By: Michael IceBone Sisemore

Twas The Night Before The Eagles Game, when all through the South

Not A Cowboy was stirring, nor Rob Ryan’s Mouth

The Stockings were hung on each chimney with care,

In hopes that a Superbowl soon would be there

With Jerry in Pajamas, and Coach Garrett in his Cap

They all settled down for a long winter’s nap

As Dez, Austin, and Robinson laid snug in their beds,

With visions of Touchdown catches dancing in their heads

Romo was awake and patiently knittin’

A new Christmas present for his pal Jason Witten

When out on the roof arose such a clatter

So Brooking and James went to see what’s the matter

Newman and Jenkins tore open the sash

To find a disgruntled Coach with a red moustache

This man wasn’t jolly, and surely not St. Nick,

But had with him an elf-like QB named Mike Vick

These Eagles playoff hopes were desperately on a hinge

But weren’t up to the task of the Cowboy Revenge.

As The troops all aligned and ready to play,

The Eagles small glimmer couldn’t stand in the way

The results were predetermined and The Boys had won

As they clipped the feathers and the Eagles were done

After the victory as the cheers did rise,

Jerry Jones arrived with a brand new surprise

And whom did Jerry bring with himself,

But was Santa Clause the Jolly Old Elf

Santa opened his bag that he carried on his back,

And handed D-Ware 4 Vick Sacks

The next present given, oh what could it be?

But a gracious Pick six for linebacker Sean Lee

A Strip for Spencer, and Romo Three Touchdowns

And another 100 yd game for Felix earned on the ground

A Sack for Jason Hatcher and Marcus Spears

An extension for Laurent for another 5 Years

Run Stops for Lissemore and Coleman, what joy?

Rob Ryan showed Philly who is the Real McCoy.

A pick for Elam, and fumble for Rat

175 yards for Austin, oh what a stat!

As Santa left Dallas late in the night,

The Cowboys Star was shining so bright

The Giants are next and Playoffs are bound

To bring a 6th Superbowl to this deserving town

As Santa yelled out as his face lit with joy

Merry Christmas to all, and How ‘Bout Them Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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