Line Them Up...and Let's Play the Game

21:53 est Update****......So we did not make it the game....we decided to leave our game faces in Texas.................See ya next year...What a waste!!!!

The reasons why the Cowboys will lose this game Sunday night are numerous. Actually at first glance, one might expect us to not even stand a punchers chance judging by the the talk in the media Sunday night.

Our Offensive line is porous and has injury issues

Our Secondary resembles our Offense line, porous with what has to be some sort of metal injury issue. See Mike Jenkins all season long and an injury is the only thing that can explain Terence Newman's hideous play for most of the season.

Our QB is dinged up regardless of what is coming out of Valley Ranch. Did you see the size of the grapefruit on his hand?

Our RB situation is nowhere near, what we would want for a game in the Meadowlands on Sunday Night. Felix is Felix. Always one hit away from being on the sidelines. While at the same time always one hand off away from a sizeable gain (not a td since he seems to get chased down from behind more often then I thought someone with skill set would).

Nevertheless, with all of this said we remain in situation where all we have to do is win one game on the road. Against a team that with all of our issues, we matchup pretty well against. Regardless of the issues we have because they have their own problems.

You think they are looking forward to seeing Romo and our team. I think not. Go check them out Big Blue View.

After finally mustering the mental fortitude to re-watch the game we played against the Giants on Sunday night two weeks ago I saw something that I did not see the first time I watched the game.

Our Offense will do better then what we did Texas with regard to ball control and execution & Our Defense will stand a better chance of stopping the Giants on the road than we stood stopping them at home.

Bear with me on this one before you indict me of being intoxicated with some exotic elixir.


In Garrett, we trust. Well except for calling time outs to ice the long snapper (see his snap on the play). But really, lest we forget how far this team has come in one season.

Last year at this time, I was looking forward to when pitchers and catchers reported. This year Garrett has the same team in position to actually make some noise this post season. Yeah, we lost some games we should have won based upon his work, which includes game planning, coaching, and personnel decisions.

We have also won several games because on the same efforts so do not bite the hand that feeds you. Big things are coming to Dallas and I look forward to JG bringing them here.



All hail Rex's deranged twin brother Rob Ryan, who has actually done well for us this season.

How many new starters has our defense featured this year compared to last year's atrocious unit? Two...Three..that is it.

If you would have watched, any of our games last year and not simply turned it off due to nausea you would have voted to upgrade at least 8 to 9 positions this past off-season. Not to name names but we freaking sucked last year if you don't remember. This year we don't suck so much so on defense and that is the truth and a credit to Rob Ryan. You can go and check the stats for this statement if you don't believe the eyeball test.



Giant Letdown after playing the Jets-

Really, it happens all the time. The Giants and Jets had so much hate going during that game that it pales in comparison to what we have going on with them.

Think about how many times can you remember the Giants attempting to fight with our coach. Hmm... never. Well, that almost happened between Brandon Jacobs and Rex Ryan last Sunday. Its that whole pride of NY thing and i just you cannot understand it unless you are from there. I recall the preseason, yes a preseason game this year where they began to tussle(fight) on the field and Eli ran to sideline.

Yes, it was funny to watch but the fact remains that the hate between them and us is strong and a fight has never occurred between them and us as far as I can remember from the past 20 years.

Romo's History in the Meadowland is Money-

To put this in a context that most current gen Cowboy fans can understand think Eli Manning in Texas, get the picture. The numbers prove it as well ....Romo's worst game in the Meadowland happened in 06 and guess what... we still won. Otherwise, Romo performs up there under the big lights of New York City or Jersey if you what to be a geographically correct.

Redemption for the Defense-

Our Defense is hungry. Did any of us really think we were going to be able to beat the Eagles by scoring less than 20 points? If so, "please pass that dutchie on the left hand side."

Our defense played well considering the circumstances of the game. Rob Ryan planned well for Eagles this time and I will take him for one game playoff against any team in this league as a D-Coordinator any day.

Why, because he is smart and he knows how to game plan if the players can execute. If you do not believe me, ask Tom Brady.



Also, another factor that favors us this Sunday night is that Sacks which has been our call card all season long, favors us as the road team because of the audible snap count that the home team uses.

In case you haven't noticed, our defensive team leader Ware has a history of jumping the snap. However, the reason he does it so much is that it actually works well for him. Execpt when he is offsides but i digress for the point. I really am not a numbers person until I can see it with own eyes. But I noticed that most of Ware's and our Defensive sacks come on the road and the numbers proved my hunch right be panning that nearly two thrids of our sacks the past three years have come on the road.

What Needs to happen for us to win-

Newman needs to step up and play like he is being paid or least a NFL caliber cornerback who is not injured

Jones will need to play mistake free football without getting injured.

Our WRs will need to get open fast in order to beat the D-line pressure from the Giants. The Giant will not blitz us much, but their four down lineman will be coming like wolves and our Wr's will need to beat the press fast.


I view Kolwaski aka Killer K as an upgrade from Holland but that is my opinion......I am more concerned with Free.....I will need him to play like he has been paid.

If we hit these metric points in conjunction with playing smart football We Win.........

So..... Line Them Up...and Let's Play the Game......Sunday Night 2030 EST........

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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