Why Lissyyyyy is Wrong.

Noted small school fan Lissyyyyy recently had a fan post that got quite a few responses suggesting that the team lose to the Giants and forego a playoff spot just so that they can get a better draft pick. He suggests that this team isn't good enough to win the Super Bowl, and because of which they should tank get the better draft pick so they will be in a better position next year. Well a lot of people tore him up, but he's missing several things here. My response is too big for a comment reply, and frankly warrants its own post. Apologies for the arrogance.

One, you don't lose to the dirty stinking Giants. Ever. Under any circumstances whatsoever at all. You don't surrender the division championship to a rival at their house just to get a better draft pick. I hate the Giants more than I hate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Around these parts it's almost like you guys are Giants fans, and you guys would rather whine about a couple of teams that missed the playoffs. Some of you even rooted for the Giants last weekend in order to eliminate the Eagles and forego a shot at the division title.

Second, YOU DON'T GIVE UP A PLAYOFF SHOT!!!!!! When you finished in last place in the division last season, winning the division the next year is a very very good season. Winning the division would be a huge boost for Jason Garrett in his first year as head coach, especially since he was given a lot more control over personel than any Jerry coach not named Bill or Jimmy ever got. Also, a very maligned QB whose season ended in injury last year also has a lot to prove.

Read this collection of mindless drivel and stupid opinions. If you still want the Giants to win, you may as well go root for the Eagles because it means that you like having every talking head in the country saying that your team's nothing but trash, and if you're an Eagles fan you get a lot of that. Here's the door:

Over the past couple of years the Cowboys took a new direction, and making the playoffs after one of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory isn't enough to get you guys excited then I don't know what is. Winning the division instantly gives us bragging rights for the offseason, and instills confidence in the team and in management. It gives Rob a reason to stay because the ship's headed in the right direction, and it provides the team as an attractive free agent destination to players that are wanting to play for a contender. All the good teams in the NFL have players that they brought in as free agents that help them, so if you want a Super Bowl, the team's going to need to bring in some free agents that can contribute. Besides, how many teams win the Super Bowl after missing the playoffs the year before? Usually the first step to winning a Super Bowl is fielding a playoff caliber team. If the team wants to win the Super Bowl first they have to prove that they can make the playoffs.

Third, I don't buy that this team has no shot to win the Super Bowl. You think Dallas' defense is bad? Look at the defenses in New Orleans, Green Bay, and New England. Speaking of New England, this team almost beat the Patriots. In Foxborough. They're basically a few plays from having thirteen wins instead of eight. Am I saying that they're a 13 win team? Absolutely not, but they had late leads in five of their losses and you can point to individual plays where if they went the other way the Cowboys win. If the Cowboys score at the 4 yard line against the Jets they win. If Garrett plays conservatively in the second half against Detroit, they win. If they get a first down late in the game against the Pats instead of having to punt, they win. If Garrett doesn't ice his kicker they win. If Bailey makes the field goal it goes into OT against the Giants. They're no where near as terrible as Mensa (he's gotta be playing a trick on us) as Lissyyyyy make them seem. Are they better than the Saints or the Packers? Ehhh...probably not. Were the 2007 Giants better than the 2007 Packers, Cowboys, and Patriots? Also, probably not. Did it matter? Absolutely not. It's the NFL every team has a fatal flaw anyways and not team is truly elite. They all have problems that can be exploited. The Saints lost to the Rams and the Packers lost to the Chiefs. Every team that wins the Super Bowl needs a little bit of luck anyways, and in a sample size of four games a lot of flukey things can happen. Who knows, Demarcus Ware might finally draw a hold and the secondary might get away with messing up a few receivers. This offense is more than good enough to leave cleat marks all over the any D in the NFC except for San Francisco's, but the defense is more than good enough to hold down an offense whose goal is to kick a field goal.

Fourth, this year's draft board is VERY VERY VERY fluid. There's little elite talent but lots of players that would have mid to late first grades in normal drafts. The difference between 15ish and the low 20s isn't that big. I've already outlined eight players that the Cowboys can pick, and several of which are likely to be around wherever the Cowboys pick. Add Coples and Brown from UNC that's ten, Nick Perry from USC that's eleven. There's other players that are worthy of a look from the Cowboys like Jerel Worthy, Janoris Jenkins (yes, I know), Brandon Thompson, and Alameda Ta'amu that the Cowboys will be interested in. Combine that with players like Andrew Luck, RG3, Landry Jones, Matt Kalil, Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin, Moris Claiborne, Trent Richardson, Luke Kuechly, Vontaze Burflict, Justin Blackmon, and Alshon Jeffery that will more than likely be taken before the Cowboys pick (if they make the playoffs) so that's twelve players that the Cowboys either wouldn't get anyways or aren't targeting that will be gone by the time they pick and fifteen players or so even if they pick around 25-28, I can assure you that they'll walk away sitting pretty well in the draft. I know, you're going to say that the most important thing is getting your guy. Well Jerry's shown the willingness to trade up to get his guy in the draft. If there is a player that they like that's within reach if they don't make the playoffs I'm sure Jerry will find a way to get him if they do make the playoffs.

To Lissyyyyy's credit, there are some situations where "tanking" is okay and draft position is more important than a win. Being 1-15 instead of 3-13 is probably worth it if it means getting Andrew Luck or an elite prospect like that. If you're an average team that already missed the playoffs, and you need a few players to make the next step anyways (like the Bears or the Eagles) then yeah, play the young guys. See what you have, find out which guys have a future on the team. The game has the preseason luxury of not mattering with the regular season benefit of facing a team that's actually playing at a regular season speed. If you lose, that's okay because you get a better draft pick, but if you win that's okay to because it means that you've likely found a player that's worth keeping or making a bigger part of the team next season. On Outside the Lines they were discussing tanking, they had several people in the industry Andrew Brandt, Kordell Stewart, a writer, and Laron McClain, and D'Marco Farr on there. The former players, and the writer suggested that tanking alienates the fanbase and the players. Which in general I agree with, being terrible is a lot worse than being just bad for players, but there are situations that I outlined above that warrant seeing what you have. However, the Cowboys are not facing that situation. Yes, can justify to some extent losing meaningless games in the interest of seeing what you have in your back ups and younger players or letting your young players develop or getting a better draft pick. But the Cowboys won't be facing a meaningless game on Sunday. Winning the division, in some respects, is redemption for the come from ahead losses that they had this year. Jerry's decision to fire a coach midseason for the first time ever, and hire Jason Garrett. It's redemption for Tony Romo and all the harsh criticism he faced. Most importantly, it's redemption for us fans for thinking that there's a reason to be interested in this year's squad.

Go Cowboys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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