KDP's 10 For 10: Week 17 Contest, Week 16 Results

Week 17 Contest

The final week of the regular season has arrived, and I must say the second installment of 10 For 10 has been a rousing success. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to make entries every week, some better at remembering than others (cough, me, cough). We had great turn-out this season, despite people fighting for bragging rights and Hall-Of-Fame infamy instead of the prizes I was able to award last season. I'll be working hard in the offseason to see if I can correct things in legal-land that make it a bit easier to do giveaways. Heck, maybe we return in 2012 with a sponsor!

I can't go any further without recognizing the outstanding job that has been done by volunteer hookerhome, in keeping track of all the 10-For-10 madness. Last year, when I ran the contest, I made two posts a week. For most of the 2011 season I've been anywhere between 8-15 and keeping track of 80+ weekly entrants would have been a chore. HH came out of nowhere to volunteer his services and I'm extremely thankful. What started out as simple tabulations early on has spiraled into epic trend analysis in his Weekly Updates post. Cheers to you, sir.

On to Week 17. Jebediah Fibberbush has a two-pick lead on the closest competition, so the four folks within three picks might have to pull of the daily double; a perfect week and the season title. There was a question as to what happens should there be a tie, and the answer is... Co-Champions! If the NFL can have Co-MVP's then I'm pretty sure we can get away with Co-Champs, right?

Here's a look at our four-week-stagnant Hall Of Fame. Do you have what it takes to join the elite?

Member Year Week
jstaubach 2010 10
I Am Ironman!!!, mdlusk, Travlr
2011 2
Damnsammit, Rummob
2011 3
@Tonekupone, Antonio S, bcg08, Ben24626, BishopWest, CDMac24, ChiaCrack, Cowboys_Attack, D_Carter, demarcus94 2011 12
HLCJ69, Hookem Up, jazzbo251, Jebediah Fibberbrush, JLMax09, mdlusk, Portland's Cowboy fan, Tuna Helper, wittenfan 2011 12
BishopWest 2010 Reigning Season Champ


1 - You must only pick 10 games. If you pick more than 10, I will score the first 10. If you pick less than 10, then you need more fingers to count on; all non-picks will be scored as wrong.

ii) You must make your entry as a reply to the post, not another comment. I will only go down the left margin when scoring. Anything indented will get no love here, playa.

B: You must include the entire matchup in your entry. Simply BOLD the team in the matchup you are picking to win. No lists of only the winners you pick. If you want me to take the time to score your entry, take the time to format it correctly. It's easy, just copy and paste the matchups from the post, then highlight your pick and hit the B button.


D - Hit the preview button, because once it's submitted, that's it- there's no turning back.

D v2.0 - Picks must be in before the early games of Sunday kickoff. No exceptions. If you're including Thursday night's game in your picks but not ready to pick Sunday's game, post 'THURSDAY GAME ONLY' in your subject line.


WEEK 17 GAMES (16 Total)


New York Jets at MIAMI

Buffalo at NEW ENGLAND

Tennessee at HOUSTON

Indianapolis at JACKSONVILLE

Washington at PHILADELPHIA

Detroit at GREEN BAY

Chicago at MINNESOTA

Carolina at NEW ORLEANS

San Francisco at ST. LOUIS

Baltimore at CINCINNATI

Pittsburgh at CLEVELAND

Tampa Bay at ATLANTA

Kansas City at DENVER

San Diego at OAKLAND

Seattle at ARIZONA




Entrant Overall Entrant Overall Entrant Overall Entrant Overall
Jebediah Flibberbrush 119 GordBerl 108 cproctor6 100 The Penguin 68
illcowboy 117 jstaubach 108 Jeremiah_24 100 slowmotion80 67
Hookem Up 116 tattooed cowboy 108 Rat-Pack 100 thehogster65 67
mdlusk 116 D_Carter 107 StarloverinWNC 99 Rohpuri 65
qbfannn 116 Jason Pai 107 liquidblake 98 Aaron Burtram 61
Travlr 115 hookerhome 106 Grady90 96 FuriousDman 58
ziggy 19 115 meisternance 106 neon greon 95 NJcowboysFAN 56
ChiaCrack 113 Nord15 106 @Tonekupone 93 CDMac24 55
Specific 112 Englishneil 105 DarkKnight88 93 nikeorlipstick 55
wittenfan 112 WA_Cowboy 105 Enja 93 HLCJ69 53
BigBad Joe 111 Antonio S 104 jakezze01 93 strobman 51
JLMax09 111 demarcus94 104 Jessy S 93 LilZtretch 50
One.Cool.Customer 111 kitten mittens 104 starbury_to_s-jaxci2000 92 bcg08 46
Pnut Gallery 111 Portland's Cowboy fan 104 KD Drummond 90 Babygirl71 33
scotscowboyfan 111 jazzbo251 103 Hatchetman337 87 Rome One 28
Alpha 110 lxblssng 103 dbunny8it 79 j-man 21
Benthere 110 Tuna Helper 103 reron79 78 ThatRodneyGuy 20
Allan Uy 109 88Deztined46 102 LiveNDieBlue 77 Transplanted Texan 18
Panzer84 109 Cowboys_Attack 102 Timmy G 71 JakBandit 12
1Bullseye 108 TARHEEL PAUL 102 Dezstroyer88 70 BigHat in NewTexas 7
BishopWest 108 I am Ironman!!! 101 Ben24626 68 Junkyard Dog 6
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