Optimism: It's all we got. This ain't over 'til it's over!


Since the very unnerving and also meaningless Philly Game, I have recently found myself puzzling and going into thought about our 2011 Dallas Cowboys, and since we all know BTB is the Forum for such a thing, here are some thoughts of mine and elaboration for each.

First, ESPN is ludicrous to me most of the time. After the Philly game ESPN Dallas kept going on and on about how Jerry Jones needed to not be on the field, and that he has trust issues with Jason Garrett, which lead to an entire segment on PTI about how Jason Garrett could lose his job following the outcome of this NFC East: Winner Takes All Showdown on Sunday Night. After listening to it on ESPN Radio, and watching it on ESPN, I couldn't help but wish that all shows were required to open the phone polls because I would have chimed in instantly. My response is as follows.

"My name is Michael IceBone Sisemore, lifetime fan of The Dallas Cowboys."

ESPN Stooge: Your on 104.9 The Horn, Go ahead IceBone

"Yes I have been listening here for a few painful minutes, and I just wanted to touch on what you guys have produced for us. First and Foremost, Jerry Jones regardless of what your opinion of him is, happens to be the General Manager and Owner of The Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones came on the field to inform Jason Garrett on Tony Romo's status, and the outcome of the earlier contest. He was not there to TELL Coach Garrett what to do. When Romo went to get checked on, Jason Garrett couldn't hold his hand and walk him back. Jason Garrett still had to do one important thing, Coach the F****** Game. Jerry Jones was concerned, as an Owner/GM should be when their Franchised QB seems to be injured. Therefore Jones found out it wasn't serious, and that neither was the game for that matter. Jones then under every right proceeded to inform Garrett of the situation, at that point in time it was in the best interest of the team to sit certain starters. Would you rather him not say anything and let Garrett keep them on the field and risk more injury. Go ahead I'll wait....Okay, secondly anyone who thinks Jason Garrett's job is on the line (PTI Turds), has a thought process that Stephen A. Smith would call "Egregious, appalling and asinine, asiten, asieleven, asitwelve!!!"

More Thoughts after the Jump....

My Second thought applies to all the Bridge-jumpers, wrist-cutters, and just downright negative naysayers who have written this team off as done for the year. This maybe true, but at this point at 3:58 Central Time in Austin, TX it is not over yet.

Listen if you would have told most people that the 2011 Dallas Cowboys, after stinking up the joint in 2010 so bad that they fired their head coach, cut Roy E. Williams, Marion Barber, and others, went with the youth movement on OL, and got a new Defensive Coordinator; That this team would be in the position to win the NFC East and become the 4th Seed in the Playoffs? Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! "Gotta win a game first!" Most pundits or fans would say probably not.

Needless to say The Cowboys are (8-7), and so are The Giants, but where is the so called Dream Team, that was supposed to represent not only the NFC East, but the NFC in Indianapolis, oh that's right preparing for their last game hoping to break .500! Yet after all of this, When I troll this website (as I do daily) looking for the Optimism this weekend and the possibilities to dream and hope (sounds like an Obama speech, just go with it) I am disgraced to find Lissyyy and many others have given up.

"My Fellow Cowboy Fans,

It has been brought to my attention that during these times of curiosity and wonderment, These times of uneasiness, and tension, these times of indifference and confusion, that many of my fellow men and women have fallen into a submission hold. That my people have not been given the correct anecdote for their suffering, and that my friends has kept my people from rising above this indifference. Rising above this confusion and curiosity. The truth friends, Your Dallas Cowboys have won games they got away with, and have lost games that got away from them, but even after all the smoke is settled from the Jet's Jagged Jerk, Detroit Debacle, Brady's 2 Minute Win, Eagles Meltdown x2, and Giant Let Down, These Cowboys have a shot. A shot to right all wrongs, a shot to put everything in the rear-view mirror and drive. A Restart, Redo, Rewiring of all machinery to make sure the Titanic doesn't hit the iceberg this time. Together we can, Together we must, Together we will, Together we win!!!!"


In other words, there is still time for us to make a run at this, it's going to take more points from Tony and Co., more effort from the Secondary, more pressure from the Pass Rush, and more sleepless nights for Garrett and Rob Ryan, but it can be done. If the effort is there than the Season is not a loss, no matter what lack of talent there may be on the defensive backfield, There is physicality on all facets of this team. They know what is at stake, but so do the Giants, on Sunday these Men will go to War, this is the opening scene of Gangs of New York (by the way in that scene the one's wearing blue didn't die, the ones wearing red....ugh not so pretty) This is going to prove how battle-tested these boys are and how far that can take them.

My only request from all of you is to revel in it this weekend from all parts of this world, let's make it known for people to Fear The Star again, Let's make a splash this weekend and be there for our Cowboys! Hopefully our optimism can guide them to another NFC East Crown.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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