Are The Boys Super Bowl Contenders?

The Cowboys have been the center of debates and discussions for playoff contention and whether they are "contenders or pretenders". They have also been criticized for having an "easy" schedule. Its true they did beat many under .500 teams, but teams like the seahawks and bills have looked fairly well at times. The jets, patriots, and lions were games that could have gone either way. The ability to hold the pats offense to just 20 points is proven to be a difficult task to accomplish. The lions could have been a combination of poor play calling and costly errors by romo and his receivers. For the rest of this article i will try to discuss which parts of the Cowboys are Super Bowl ready.


Passing - Romo was targeted earlier this season by comments he made stating he will win a super bowl eventually and by some questionable throws he has made in previous games. The lions game was one he took the most heat from, and many questioned his inconsistency. On the other hand, Romo has shown signs of greatness and has the ability to make plays out of nothing, keeping his team in the game at times it looks grim. Bryant-Austin can arguably be the best receiving pair in the league and with the emergence of robinson, it makes the passing game that much better. Witten is of course romos go-to-guy, and ogletree can be a solid player at times. The offensive line can be shaky somewhat and is just average. Romo's consistency and the offensive line will have to step up if they want to make a shot at the super bowl.

Running - The running game at the beginning of the season looked somewhat abysmal. felix jones wasnt making the big plays and the loss of barber really began to take notice. Enter Demarco Murray. He broke out huge against the Rams and showed consistently game after game why he should be the #1 back. He also has begun to establish a passing game which has elevated his play and his worth. Felix jones is now where he belongs as the #2 back and is a good player to be on the field when Murray needs a rest. Split backs can be a dangerous option for this team as well. Murray will continue to get better and his motivation looks great. Some tweaks can be made to give Murray better runs, but by the time the playoffs come around, their run game will be ready for the super bowl.


Pass Rush - the 4 man rush from the Cowboys can be very strong or really weak. It seemed like last week against the dolphins, they could have done better to get into Moores face. they did well some other games, but poorly for others too. The pass rush isnt bad, but this will be the biggest factor in whether or not they can beat the big names like the packers, the saints, or if they ever meet the patriots again. Their blitzing needs to be a little cleaner with the safetys picking up the free receiver. Again, im not saying the pass rush is bad, im simply saying they must be better against the teams who can put up 300-400 passing yards per game.

Secondary / LB's- Where to begin? I for one, am not a fan of our secondary. Terrence Newman can look like a star on some plays or a rookie getting burnt badly. Jenkins also isnt anything special. Sensabaugh at times is hard to watch. Sean Lee looked like he could have been a force at the beginning of the season, but his injury crippled his potential. Look out for him when hes healthy though. James is average, as well as Brooking. The Cowboys are just lucky to have the dominance of Ware. Their Secondary and LB's are too average to go up against dominating offenses. CB's need to turn their heads and the safeties need to do a better job of backing up their guys.

Yes, i know there are many more aspects to the game of football than i just mentioned but ive been rambling on for too long and just wanted to get my view out there. Coaching, running defense, and offensive line i could have talked more about but thats a-whole-nother blog. I'm just a fan who watches and follows the Cowboys closely, watches ESPN and the NFL channel and likes the sport. Please dont criticize me because im wrong, its just my opinions

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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