Is Romo making a full circle? A future tale.

*20 years into the future

A 36 year old DCyanks21 is sitting down with his son watching the Dallas Cowboys game. The Cowboys have been looking for their franchise QB. Brett Favre unretired for the 11th time to come play for the Cowboys, but broke his hip. So Dallas had to send out an undrafted rookie to take the snaps for Dallas.

"This reminds me of one of my favorite players", I told my son. "Tony Romo."

Who's that Dad?, My son would reply.

Let me tell you about him...

*flashback, key music.*

Tony Romo was an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinois. He saw action in the second half of a game against the Giants. (Keep this in mind.) Bill Parcells decided to bench the veteran Bledsoe for Romo. Romo threw a pick on his first attempted pass. He went onto to throw 2 more interceptions that day along with 2 touchdowns. But he showed promise so he got the start vs. the Carolina Panthers, on the big stage.

Before I get into that I'd like to say as a 6th grader I saw Romo being a good QB from then on. Continue with the story.

Romo and the Cowboys beat down Carolina 35-14. He led the Cowboys to the playoffs when disaster broke...



As a little kid at the time I was sitting in my bed wondering how we lost. I was stunned. I wasn't able to watch the game with my Dad who I usually watch Cowboy games with so I had zero venting room. It's sad really. I teared up in my bed and went to sleep. In the morning I wondered how bad Tony Romo felt right there. So I decided to write him a letter. I sent it to him. Only a few weeks later to see something similar to what I wrote in the corner of Probably the fan mail section.

The next year the Cowboys went 13-3 with Romo being the 2nd best QB in the NFL to Tom Brady. Everyone around the nation were believers in Tony Romo. Until yet another disaster and to the Giants. (Keep this in mind)



2008 Romo and the Cowboys came into a win and get in situation for a Wild Card spot.



2009 was a good yea for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. The Cowboys ended their playoff drought, beat the Eagles three times, and won the NFC East. Then got blown out to the Vikings. Which was somehow blamed on Romo. (The line was dominated by the Vikings defensive line.)

2010 was a disappointment.



Hurt vs. Giants (Keep that in mind)

*Pauses story.*

Which brings us to 2011. The NFC East Title game. Where we have two paths to this story.




And Success



Winning tomorrow's game will not give Tony Romo a Super Bowl. It won't even guarantee our Cowboys a playoff victory. It will however give Romo another chance at redeeming himself and winning a title. A quarterback is judged on his team. Even though he can only control one side of the ball a QB is the one who gets all the blame with losses. If they win they're considered great. If they lose they're considered chokers and failures. I disagree with that, but it's what the average fan believes. Romo's statistics are always great, and people think because he'll have a bad game once in a while that makes him a bad quarterback. It happens to Peyton, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees. Yet they get the pass because they have rings.

It's obvious once Romo botched the snap and then in next years playoffs threw an interception to end the game, the National media/NFL fans around the globe labeled Romo as a choker. That's untrue. Romo is a tough hard working leader. He proved that to us. But to win over the Nation? Well he'll have to string along four big games. In this case five.

Three main checkpoints in Romo's career happened against the Giants.

  • Start of his career
  • Playoff loss after 13-3 season
  • Broken Clavicle

A fourth will be made Sunday. If Romo wins, the rounding line may become a full circle. If not well then we don't know what will happen. All I know is when I'm 36 I want to tell stories about Tony Romo the way my elders tell me about Staubach and Aikman. I don't want to end my story with, but he never won the big one.



Keep rocking Romo.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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