Have Some Damn Pride!!!! (A Personal Call Out to the Cowboys' D)

You want the truth!!? For the past few years now the defense of the Dallas Cowboys has been Demarcus Ware and a few cameo appearances by this guy or that. Soft!! And every team in the league is starting to warm up to the idea ... "the Dallas Cowboys are SOFT!". Last week the Eagles tripled teamed Ware at times, and left every other "pass rusher" (and I use that term loosely) in single man to man blocking. Vick had all day! Soft! Soft! Soft!

A few weeks ago Brandon Jacobs ran to the Cowboys' star to do his "I am really desperate .. IN NEED of sexual contact!!" dance to, in all honesty, disrespect the Dallas Cowboys! Reminiscent of T.O.'s disrespectful attitude towards our team's symbol! How did the Cowboys big ugly respond? With a big ugly late game meltdown! Soft!

Our old friend Cris Canty rang in this week with a "I don't want to lose ..LIKE WE LOST THE LAST TIME I WORE A COWBOY UNIFORM!" Oh really?? Like he has really made a difference since he joined the Giants! He has great confidence to low ball his former team like that. Why? Because everyone views the Dallas Cowboys as softies! If not ..... it sure seems like it!

Even the Giants old retired players are calling out the Cowboys as lacking "mental toughness". Comon L.T., we respect your game, your old-school toughness, and your relentless approach to every play ... that even we as Cowboys fans would expect nothing less than you to say it as is and stop beating around the bush with these newer politically correct terms like "lack mental toughness" ... the Dallas Cowboys are soft! Just say it! But although Taylor didn't want to speak about a more-than-likely drug induced sexual incident with a young teenage girl that was being forced into prostitution, he did have the gall to speak about the Dallas Cowboys! Shows you how much respect this team gets when a retired admitted drug addict/sexual deviant is PROUD enough to make his opinion known about how much better the Giants are than the Cowboys. Sad!

This week Mr. "I Am Desperate" himself, Brandon Jacobs (and a side note here, I don't see how one player is fined and penalized for flapping like an Eagle, but another gets off clean performing a filthy-ugly sexually preverted dance after a touchdown .. kids watch these games ... makes no sense), thrashes the heart and sole of who the Dallas Cowboys are. Jacobs proclaims that the Cowboys' fan base is loud and obnoxious! I don't know, maybe its me, but isn't that the way all fans are and are supposed to be. Mr. "Maybe I Should Use the Football as a Prop Next Time B/C It Might Feel A Little Better" just has NO RESPECT for the players wearing the star on their helmets! None!!

At what point are the Cowboys players gonna stop wearing dresses and start acting like grown men?? Every body is taking shots at you! At your manhood! Time and time again ... you put a dress on and play like a bunch of women! Can't blame the offense! They score points rather emphatically! Its Demarcus Ware and a bunch of softies! Every one else has noticed. So much so that almost no one cares about any repercussions for calling you out! The Cowboys defense is like the little boy who got bullied at school and cried in a corner .... and gave up his lunch even before anyone even told him he had to give it up.

Have some damn pride!! I said it (in this more-and-more politaclly correct era)! I said what most all Cowboys' fans around these part have been attempting to say, yet trying to be "nice" and still keep hope! I am saying it loud and clear (possibly even being obnoxious about it)! Have some damn pride!! Because I'll be damned if I watch Brandon Jacobs, or any other player for that matter, treat that star like his personal b!#$h!!! It is time to man the hell up and play like you want something!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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