ORDJ: Pass Defense Isn't Really Your Thing? Choose Cowboys

Ok, I kid. I, like many people on here, am annoyed with the lack of adequate Pass Defense on our team, and while I don't think it was the biggest reason we lost, it seems that we always let bad teams have great passing yardage against us.

Next week we face the Giants and we'll see just how well our defense holds up. That's not what this post is about. This post is my grievances with the game. So join me after the jump on this week's edition of Overreacting is my Day Job.

Mood Music: Hard Way by Eric Church.

Ha, I bet you thought I was gonna use more Heavy Metal, well I fooled you didn't I? What? You don't care? Well you didn't have to say that out loud.

The Timeout Call on the FG

Yeah, people were pretty upset with Garrett's call of a TO while getting ready for Bailey's FG attempt. Why? "Well, he iced his kicker, didn't you see the FG go through, and then it didn't the second time." Well two things about Dan Bailey's kick going in.

First: the circumstances for the two kicks were totally different. Examine the two different kicks:



Notice the pressure differential in the two kicks. On the first kick everyone knew there was a time out. Bailey was essentially taking a free kick. On the second kick there are defenders crashing in. They were collapsing the pocket and disrupting the kick. Second kicking is a mental game. There was absolutely no pressure on Bailey to make his first kick, and he makes it easily.

Actual Anger:

Can you believe that Dez punt return? You know, the one he returned to the Cardinals 25? The one where we could've taken legitimate shots at the endzone? What, you mean Orlando Scandrick had an illegal block in the back? Was it Ticky Tack, not unless tumbling over face first can happen from thin air



Yeah and you're not that good a corner either. I really don't know what this team was thinking when they signed him to #2 CB money before Jenkins. Yes I know Jenkins had a bad 2010, but the response should be to not sign either one, and wait for one of them to actually prove something to you.

The Point that Needs Stressing:

I've said this before; I know I'll say it again. A close 4th quarter/OT win or loss is not the symbol of a "good" or "bad" team. A close 4th quarter score where 1 mistake can deflate the team and lead to a loss shows an inability of the offense, defense or special teams, or all of the above, to sufficiently extend the lead to where a Single Mistake will cause a loss.

This game was full of mistakes in all 3 elements of the game. Could we have won? I guess. But it wouldn't change the quality of this team, only its final record.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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