Post Zona Mock Draft

So after the melt down in the desert part 3, it think its pretty clear that their are some glaring holes on this roster. So while in the midst of my vacation I thought i would put together a much to early mock draft. I know I have personally bashed a few of these, so what better form of retribution can their be than to give my fellow man the chance to lay waist to me own work! So with no with out further adeau...

For the purposes of this draft I have us in the mid 20's, around 22-25. As much as I would love to slot us at 32... lets beat the giants first.

1st Janoris Jenkins, CB,

- I would much rather see Either David Decastro or Courtney Upshaw here, but I think both will be out of reach, Devin Still is another popular name; however if we don’t take a pass rusher, and Decastro isn’t on the board, CB has to be the selection. Peter Konz would also warrant consideration, but again he could be off the board, and I think Jenkins would provide the better value.

2nd Kevin Zeitler, OG,

- Next up Garret get's his missing piece, Zeitler is probably my 2nd favorite guard prospect, behind only Decastro (that fits our profile), he plays with power, can get to the second level, most importantly he fits the ideal offensive line profile that Garrett seems to like, that 315-318 foot athlete that can play with some pop; and make no mistake this kid has all the nastiness that you'd want on the line.

  • Jared Crick could also be a possibility here, as Could Billy Winn, both could represent the recent trend of Value buys that Dallas has been collecting in the second round.I think if their is a prospect Like Zeitler though, Garret gets his man, and lets Ryan drive the rest of the draft, just my gut feeling. Another gut feeling is if their was a round we were going to make a move in, it would be this one, and probably a move up...

3rd Trevor Guyton, DT/DE,

- Guyton has been a looked over prospect, and his ranking could change later in through this process, his best attribute is Rob Ryan's favorite quality on the D line, he's extremely scheme versatile. Guyton has experience playing all over their 3-4 front, and the kind of blue chip prospect Garrett loves. If we take Crick or Winn in the 2 spot, look for an offensive lineman here, probably Nix out of Pit, or Ben Jones, if he slides. Cam Johnson is another intreging pick, kids been all over the map on for projections, but if he slides mid to late 3rd is where I feel he belongs, wouldn’t be shocked to see him go top of the 3rd bottom of the 2nd though.

  • Side note, I think we take 2 corners in this draft, I was thinking in the 4th or 5th we’d readdress the corner position. However, Cliff Harris could change that. His fall from grace has been epic, and extremely well documented; he has been recently placed as a late 3rd due to character concerns, (nothing major, that would suggest WKG, just being young and stupid.) This could represent incredible value if they think Rob Ryan can keep him Kosher so to speak; wouldn’t be shocked to see them go BPA and take the Duck off the board here. He would also provide us with a quality return man, something this team has lacked for the better part of this year.

4th Omar Bolden, CB,

- Another value selection at the CB position, gives us a guy that can compete, and force Alan ball of this roster, and really should give us a good rotation at the corner back position. Had so knee problems earlier in his carrer that will drop him, but the coverage skills are their, he plays like a second round pick, and has come through a good program at ASU, someone will get incredible value here. I hope it's us.

  • Also wouldn’t be shocked to see a TE here. Have to give a shout out to Chia’s boy Ladarius Green here; while the kid is not a blocker… at all. He is however the kind of Split wide TE this offense had in mind when they picked Martellus, I don’t know if we invest in a TE that gives us nothing in the run game though. The other option is a pass rusher; however the more I look at this draft the more and more I believe the cowboys are hamstrung into give Anthony Spencer another contract… Especially if we don't find one in the first 2 rounds.

5th Emanuel Acho , ILB

- The kid definitely needs some polish, but he has a couple of traits the cowboys like, especially recently, He is a gifted athlete, has some speed and quickness, and should be able to stick with TE’s, a good student, and active in the community, also played at a big program in Texas, would need to get stronger, as he’s not a great drive through tackler, but in the 5th round he definitely has some tools, and could develop nicely.

  • Wouldn’t be terribly shocked to see a DL here if we’ve only drafted one previously, but my gut says ILB or Corner. (if we haven’t picked a second in rd 4)

Well I havent progressed far enough in the process to find a pet cat prospect for the 6th and 7th rounds but this is where we could take another KP/PR or more likely a DE/DT Tweener, that has things like non stop motor in his scouting report. Which we've shockingly hit on a lot...

Alright all let loose the Dog's of war, interest to hear what you guys think...


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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