Pigskin Pundits Picking Cowboys In Battle For NFC East Title

The Cowboys - Giants game on Sunday has all the makings of an instant classic as the two teams play for the division crown and a postseason berth. Obviously, it's a pivotal game for both teams. We already know who the BTB writers think will win the game, now we look at who other news outlets and blogs are picking to win the game.

ColdHardFootballFacts offer predictions only for cold, hard cash, but they do offer this observation:

The Giants’ problems are simple. They give up points like your girlfriend gave it up when you were away at college. Your buddies tried to tell you. You called them jealous liars. It was true, of course. As true as the Giants’ defensive struggles. Forget the torching by the Packers and Saints. New York gave up 24+ points to the Cardinals, Seahawks, Redskins, and 49ers.

Ouch. Somebody put a Defense on Eli Manning’s Amazon.com Wish List.

Profootballtalk's Pigskin Pundits are split on who'll win. Mike Florio's pick: Cowboys 30, Giants 28.

It’s do-or-die for the Giants, and the Cowboys will be happy to oblige.

Gregg Rosenthal, one of the other guys at PFT, picks the Giants over the Cowboys 24-21.

My head says the Cowboys are the better, healthier team. My preseason pick says the Giants are going to win the division (with the Cowboys as a wild card). I’m stubbornly sticking with Big Blue. The Cowboys love drama and there won’t be any drama left in this division if Dallas wins.

Foxsport's Fountainheads of Football Foresight are also split down the middle 2-2. Peter Schrager picks Giants 27, Cowboys 23 and offers this piece of commentary:

Aside from being more than somewhat responsible for costing the Cowboys wins against the Jets, Lions, Patriots, and Cardinals this year, Jason Garrett’s had an outstanding first full season as the head coach in Dallas. Bit harsh? No. Who ices their own kicker? Even LeBron James, the NBA’s Mr. Anything But Clutch, criticized Garrett on Twitter Sunday night. Dallas’ record got fat with four wins over mediocre teams in November. The Giants, meanwhile, have played four 2011 playoff teams in five weeks. Give me Big Blue in an "upset." They're ready for this one.

CBSSports' Crystal-ball Conjecturing Collective favor the Cowboys 3-2. Pete Prisco has the Cowboys edging the Giants 32-30.

If the Giants are to have any real chance to win the division, they have to win here. This is the first of two games between these two in the final four weeks. The Giants played well against the Packers last week, which could get them going. But it's tough to win here against the Cowboys. Dallas blew a game at Arizona, but Tony Romo will win a shootout with the Giants in this one.

Betvega's Bullion-bearing Bettors like the Cowboys

The Giants almost beat the Packers while the Cowboys lost at Arizona. In a game with this much impact on the division though, we will back the better team and we still believe that is the Cowboys.

Sportingnews's Sibyllic Soothsayer, Vinnie Iyer, sees a high-scoring contest: Giants 31, Cowboys 28.

Look for the Giants to get some early deep shots to Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks to jump in front on the road. Manning should get into a consistent groove with his wide receivers, leaving Romo to play catch-up. Romo has plenty of downfield ammo with Dez Bryant, Laurent Robinson and Jason Witten, but he should face consistent heat from the Giants' front-four pass rush. Manning, despite some line shuffling in front of him, has been well protected. In his best season, he'll turn in his best performance to put the Giants back in the playoff forefront.

Peter King presents a poor pick: Giants 23, Cowboys 20.

This is the first of four playoff games for the Giants. Could they lose one and still win the NFC East? Yes, but they have to sweep the Cowboys among their three wins -- on the road here and home on Jan. 1. I'll tell you what's strange about the NFC East race: The Giants are in it, they're on a four-game losing streak, and they're 3-6 in conference games. The reason I like them here? Ahmad Bradshaw's return gives them a chance to NOT have Eli Manning need a 375-yard game for New York to win.

Foxsportsouthwest's Flannagan forecasts a Cowboys win, 30-27

A must-win (again) for the Giants. A victory puts them into a tie with the Cowboys for the division lead. I think Eli Manning and Co. will give the same type of effort they managed against the Packers, but once again come up short. Dez Bryant is too good for the Giants secondary, and he'll make a big play down the stretch.

ProFootballFocus' Panel of Playgraders favor the Cowboys 6-2.

ESPN's Experts experience an epiphany and currently favor the Cowboys 8-2.

USA Today's Uncharacteristically Undecided Unit is split 4-4 between the Cowboys and Giants.

Yahoosport's Triumvirate of Thinking Talent favors the Cowboys 3-0. The Yahoo fanbase vote likes the Giants.


So there you have it. Of the predictions polled, 30 like the Cowboys for the win, 16 like the Giants. And our own seven-man BTB writers panel is unanimous in picking the Cowboys.

What's your prediction for the game?

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