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Let me start off this post by saying a few things. I am a personable dude and that's just the way I roll. We all know that I spend a lot of time here and that is because I love the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys are a huge part of my life and that will never change. This team drives me insane but when we win it's the best feeling in the world. The Cardiac Cowboys, that's exactly what I call them now.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and everything that was nicely said to me this week. This week was a life changing one for me. For about two weeks I was extremely sick and the symptoms were diabetes, I knew it for two weeks but was scared to go to the hospital or doctor. Finally I got out of the hospital today and feel so much better. I gotta bang the insulin but hey, it could always be worse. Thanks for everyone and their kind words.

This is the first fan post in a long time for me. The weekly Game Ball series has fallen behind and will be up and running after this Giants game. My Cowboys draft board series will resume tomorrow with DT's and DE's. In this post we are going to talk about the Cowboys roster and how lucky we truly are to have some talent at key positions. I also want to go over the Giants game and preview that a tad bit.

Jason Garrett

This team is extremely talented and we talk about that all the time. The issue with this team in my opinion will never be talent, the talent is stocked up in Dallas. For whatever reason there is always something wrong with this team. They find epic ways to lose games, it is really odd when you sit down and think about it. The Cowboys always seem to fix one problem one week and then the next week a new issue or problem arises. I really don't know how to break it down or analyze it but there is always something wrong.

Jason Garrett is receiving a lot of heat right now and generally I understand it. He is the head coach and it's his job to know game management. Garrett is receiving a pass from me for a few reasons. It wasn't too long ago the field goal unit didn't set up in time almost blowing a field goal opportunity in Washington. The track record was there for Joe Decamillis and Chris Boniol to be concerned but were they actually watching the play clock and what was going on out on the field? To me it looked like we had enough time to set up and get the kick off.

It is their job to assist the head coach there in calling a timeout if they thought it was needed. The area where Garrett should have called a timeout was when we had 25 seconds left. He messed up there and if he would just come out and say my bad, maybe he would look better in the media. Jason Garrett is a rookie head coach, the guy is still learning on the job and has transformed this team from losers who quit into winners who fight adversity. He has made a few game and time management decisions this year, but we have to give this man time.

Next year is a big year for this team when it hits free agency and decision time. Garrett should really hire someone to help him with the offense. It would allow him to focus more on key decisions and let the offensive coordinator handle tasks during the week. Garrett can still call plays but he needs help and I hope he isn't stubborn to that idea. If he was willing to hire the Wisconsin personnel last year, he is obviously toying with the idea of bringing in help.

Laurent Robinson and the WR's

Laurent Robinson is quickly developing into this teams best wide receiver. Today we signed Sensabaugh to a long term deal and the Cowboys should be focusing on locking up Robinson long term. Losing Robinson would be a disaster because this team has been searching for a #3 WR for a long time. Going back to the drawing board and watching Robinson bounce to another team would be a tremendous loss. If the Cowboys can manage to lock him up, it would give us the best WR core in football. Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and Robinson are all fairly young WR's who are still growing and developing.

Today's NFL is passing based, we all see it every game now. The Cowboys could solidify themselves as one of the premier passing attacks with those three WR's and Jason Witten. Allowing Tony Romo to have more weapons gives him the Aaron Rodgers effect. Wanna double Witten? Wanna double Miles? Wanna double Dez? Pick your poison son, Romo will eat you up all day long. Of course that does depend on the offensive line giving him time.

Phil Costa

The pressure up the middle is a big problem. Phil Costa is not a smart player or is he overly athletic to make up for it. Fixing the center and guard positions is a priority for this team in the off season. The Cowboys must do that and when they do, Romo is going to really have his best season yet.

Week in and week out, Costa continues to be the weakest link. This guy should be getting better as the season goes along, but he isn't. At this point we should really start thinking about replacing him when we get the chance this off season. Whether that is the draft or free agency, I don't care.

Cowboys Built For The Playoffs?

You have to be an Insider to read this but if you are check it out. KC Joyner

What Joyner is saying is exactly why I believe the Cowboys are a dangerous team and can run with the Packers in a playoff game IF it happens.

It starts with the Cowboys' explosive passing game. In order to make it through the NFC, a team is definitely going to have to be able to go toe-to-toe with the high-powered aerial attacks of the Green Bay Packers or New Orleans Saints (and possibly have to match up against the New York Giants, Detroit Lions or Atlanta Falcons).

A number of metrics indicate Dallas would be capable of doing this -- the Cowboys rank eighth with 7.9 yards per pass attempt and seventh with 3,249 total passing yards -- but the one that may stand out the most is Tony Romo's totals in the stretch-vertical route depth metric.

Stretch-vertical routes are passes thrown 21 yards or more downfield, so they truly are the pass attempts that can stretch a defense to its breaking point (hence the name).

Through Week 13, Romo has gained 871 yards on 48 stretch-vertical pass attempts. That equates to 18.1 yards per attempt (YPA) in this category. (Note: The attempt and yardage totals include penalty plays such as pass interference and defensive holding.)

To put that number into perspective, consider that Aaron Rodgers led the league in 2010 with a 16.5 stretch-vertical YPA.

When Romo is on he is deadly and this year is no different. This passing game can take this team far and carry them into the post season. The defense has improved from last year and in 2009 this team was talented, it just lacked the character and drive it has now. One thing this team does not do is quit, I love that.

DeMarco Murray is the spark plug we lacked, we never had the premier running back to carry us at times and Murray can carry this team when Fiametta is in the lineup. Murray has really become one of the steals of the entire draft. I said back in April he was a steal and had high expectations for him. I craved for that premier RB that could just take this offense to the next level and man he is finally here.

The Giants Come To Town

Every game appears to be a big game but this is vital because of the playoff impact it will have on both teams. Losing last week in Arizona really hurt because we could have a two game lead and make our December schedule a whole lot easier but the Cowboys like doing things the hard way. This is a must win game, if we drop two in a row I don't know if we could recover from that honestly. If we can finally show up at home and beat the Giants it will go a long way in the swagger this team will carry moving forward.

Getting Mike Jenkins back was a big time pickup for the secondary. Jenkins brought it last week and that was the guy I saw in 2009. He shutdown Fitzgerald which is not an easy task. In the past the Giants passing game has torched this secondary. It will be a big task to shut down Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz because they are so hot right now. Mario Manningham should be out this game and that is a huge plus because that guy kills us every time.

The Giants did get premier RB Ahmad Bradshaw back but I think the key to this game is shutting down their WR's and hitting Eli Manning.

On offense I would attack the Giants secondary to open up the run. In two games last year Dez Bryant lit the Giants up and my boy Dez may have that breakout game everyone is so enamored with. Getting Miles Austin back is just the perfect timing for a big playoff type game. Miles, Dez and Robinson have a clear mismatch against the Giants secondary. This should also allow Witten to have a big game after a few quiet weeks. Witten always shows up big in these division games, and I expect him to be a force on Sunday night.

This offensive line needs to give Romo time Sunday night. Free will take on Jason Pierre Paul who is having a breakout season. Tyron Smith will take on Justin Tuck and that will be a key match up to watch also. Costa has to bring his A game this week because the pressure will be coming at him and the Giants have the four man front to destroy our weakness up front.

Then we have the DeMarco and Felix show which looked great last week. Just a hunch but I think in his first Giants game Murray is going to light it up. Murray is a budding star and he will shine on Sunday Night Football. Passing to set up the run will be key this week.

After the Eagles loss I wrote a fan post about how this team would bounce back and have a big winning streak. They let me down last week but I think this is the week the offense just finds it's groove and lights up the scoreboard. Hopefully the defense can manage the oppositions points and we can win this game.

This team is truly out performing the preseason predictions by many in the media. The reason is the improved coaching and infusion of talent we have here. The Cowboys are a real threat, the haters just don't want to admit that. Of course we have our epic and wacky issues, but this team has superstar talent and a great quarterback. Romo can carry this team to the promised land with a running attack. Let's continue the one game at a time approach and take it from there though.

High scoring game, but the Cowboys will prevail.

Up Next: Cowboys Draft Board DT/DE

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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