You think you know, but ...

It used to amaze me how straight forward Parcells was with us and no one could hear him.

Not just Parcells, but the coaches in general. Coaches speak in coach speak, not real English. I believe the coaching staff views things very differently than us average fans sometimes. When they tell us "best player available" I think there is some twist to that but it generally means that the best player available that meets one of our needs. The one guy who speaks out of turn and without merit is our one and only Jerry Jones. He might say anything but if he says it and the coaches say it then it usually is true. Where the disconnect comes in is we view our needs as one thing and the coaches see it a very different way.

Just a few years ago we needed a nose tackle, yet the coaching staff did not think so, we had Ratliff and other prospects who they were bragging on. Parcells was telling us those guys were already on the team. There were very few if any who heard what they were telling us.

Then there was wide receiver, we were at ground zero, but Parcells was telling us Miles was almost there and could be special. Once again no one saw Miles coming but we were told he was coming.

Doug Free was a pet cat of mine two years ago, I saw something special in preseason and wrote about it and got blasted for saying he was our best tackle with both Colombo and Adams still starting. There are things that Free does so well he might be at the top of the league in some areas of his game. Once again the coaches told us he was good, but we didn't listen.

I find it funny how we are told about certain guys, but we refuse to hear what we are told. What is it that the coaches are saying right now?

First, that our corners are better than they showed this year. Okay, I can see it. Pro Bowlers the year before, Scandrick with a broken hand, a free safety play that was poor to be kind. I'm going to lean toward that they are probably right.

I watched Travis Bright this last preseason and thought he was progressing very nicely, but it was Phil Costa who the coaches are telling us is going to be good. I thought Travis Bright played well at guard but poorly at center, but apparently it was Phil Costa's play at center that caught the coaches eye's. I believe Phil is our next center in waiting and apparently he's pretty good in the coaches eyes.

Robert Brewster draws praise from the coaches at guard, I  thought he was awful in the preseason and I don't see it. Brewster was behind schedule because of a torn bicep muscle the year before, could he be as good as the coaches are raving about? I hope so because they were really blowing smoke up his a-- last year.

Jupiter man Martellus Bennett? There are some who label him a bust, but what the coaches are telling us is he was used more as a blocker than a pass threat, but they are also saying he is a very good receiver. It turns out he was the second ranked blocking tight end in the NFL this year. If not for being behind Jason Witten he would be a much bigger factor I think, it's a lack of opportunities in the passing game. The coaches have also let it be known they are concerned about his maturity.

The coaches were very positive about Sean Lissemore and Josh Brent. Both DE's. Two players to watch this offseason and preseason if there is one.

We as fans see the O-line and DE as must have needs, but the coaches as early as last preseason were telling us we have the guys already.

Just an observation 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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